Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Greetings all,


I'm Jeff, currently teaching in a private college prep school in DE after returning home from teaching in PYP classrooms internationally. I'm happy to have found your site!

Hi there,

my name is Doug.  I work as a technology integration specialist at a K12 school in Australia Perth.  I offer support to all departments with their technology queries.  I do specialise in Apple (the school are a 1:1 Macbook school) but I also promote many different vendors/companies.


I look forward to sharing ideas!

Hello everyone! Greetings from Malaysia. My name is Karim. I'm a lecturer in Food Technology, School of Industrial Technology, Universiti Sains Malaysia, MALAYSIA. Apart from being an active researcher, I spend a great deal of time to learn new things about teaching and learning. I have a blog, One Stop Learning and also a personal website (in the process of updating soon). I hope to link up with educators from around the world who shares the same passion for learning and education in general. By the way, the introductory video above was created with Voki. For the narration I used text-to-speech option. I tried to embed the embedding code but the video didn't appear correctly. So I played the video and captured it with Screenr, copied the embedding code and the result as you can see above.

Karim- you are the guy.We have similar interest. I have tried a number of things in wikispaces and in a lot of google apps. i have tried something on back channel. from the look of things i will be surely be your student-  ventured into voki-but didn't do much- so i am going to go your blog and learn more from you.

go to this site-  


Hi Norbert, I was just thinking to blog about my experience of using wiki (Wikispaces) last semester. It was not 100% successful in terms of the objective I have set to achieve but I learned many useful lessons for future improvement. Meanwhile, may I invite you and others to view my wiki for the two courses I taught last semester. Feel free to browse the content...


i will visit your content - i have also enclosed mine

Karim= thanks for inviting me to your wikispace. i hope you mange to visit mine- i am seeing you went some step a head and even incorporated a logo-
Hi Norbert, yes, I have visited your wiki - good effort! No extra effort needed to replace the logo - it's in the wikispaces settings.

Hi everyone!

I'm caroll, English teacher in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. About me, I can say that I love languages and I'm always trying to learn something new. I'm new in this kind of things. last year, I participated in pbworkscamp2010, it was a great experience for me; there, I learnt a lot things about using wikis and how to use technology in my English classes. So I hope to learn interesting things here, too.

Hello! I am Colleen Priester, 4th grade teacher w/MAEd in Instructional Technology from Jacksonville, NC. Sadly, I am not really using my skills and experience in Instructional Technology at my current school because the technology in our schools is limited to desktop computers. I am unable to write grants in order to get a better variety of technology materials (gov't policies), so I am starting out this year trying to find inexpensive "gadgets" and ways to integrate technology with just our computers.

I'd love to hear ideas and suggestions :) Thanks!

Hi everyone,


I am Graeme Smith, a multimedia lecturer in Fife Scotland. I have been a member of this site for a good while now but have been a bit of a silent member which I hope to change over the coming months.


I teach in further education covering beginner to BSc (Hons) level, so quite a diverse range. Last year I completed a teaching qualification. It was quite intense but all said and done I had to choose a group of learners, discuss and evaluate how I teach then reference it to literature so that I could prove that someone says I'm doing it the right way... the truth be told, I don't teach like that at all and I have strong views that in many cases that i shouldn't be expected to teach the way it says in a book or the way they did 60 to 100 years ago,


I use web 2.0 daily in class and if I'm showed a way to do something I'll try and find a different/better way (I suppose it has a hint of the Edupunk although this is a term I am not keen on), also I'm always willing to listen to my students and although I might be a subject expert, I certainly don't claim to know it all.


So... with all that in mind... I am starting a PhD in September looking at this. As I said, I've been a silent member for a while (over a year I believe), I visit regularly and have read so many interesting discussions and have gained so many ideas on innovative ways to do things in the classroom. I'm hoping that, in fact, I'm sure that during my research I will be able to use this site and The Future of Education to generate discussions of my own or get very honest feedback and/or thoughts on ideas I might have.


Sorry for the seriously long-winded introduction but there you go, so now it's time to see what groups are of interest to me and try to use this site to its potential.



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