Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi Everyone! I am a reading specialist in Baltimore County, Maryland and am particularly interested in learning more about UDL and how technology integration can help struggling readers and writers.
Hi All-
I am a 7th grade life science in Billings, MT.
I'm excited to be here and hope to learn/share as much as I can!
Hi all. Kevin Lane here, having just joined. I am a K-5 music teacher who uses a lot of technology in my classroom. My students and I create a podcast ( which you can find on iTunes (search for "Woodstation"). I'm hoping to add a classroom set of iPod Touches soon so that my students can create music digitally as well as to develop music listening skills and conduct research. I'd love to hear from anyone who has suggestions on managing iPod in the classroom.
Hey everyone!

I'm Sam and I am a Junior Special Education major at Illinois State University. I am currently enrolled in an Assistive Technology class that requires me to get involved in various websites and things such as twitter. I really enjoy technology and in particular learning how to benefit students with technology. I am excited to get into the classroom next semester and learn what it takes and see first hand how to be an Special Educator everyday!
Hi! I'm Heather Chaulk, Grade 5 teacher and tech/learning resources teacher for my school in Newfoundland, Canada. I'm always looking out for new ways of integrating technology and encouraging my staff to do the same. I was happy to stumble across this site earlier this year and hope to get more involved with it. I started blogging with my class last year on Kidblog (thanks to a discussion I saw here). This year I want to introduce wikis, but I need to learn more about them myself first. Looking for advice!
I'm a high school teacher from NH...certified in Family & Consumer Sciences and working toward my computer technology educator certification. I'm excited about this weeks conference in global education, and I'm looking forward to networking with colleagues who have similar interests. I am particularly interested in multiple intelligences and human brain development, and how technological advances are impacting both. Thanks for the opportunity to learn and connect!!
Hello all! My name is Kate Ivers and I am a Business and Marketing Ed. instructor in rural Minnesota. I am a first year teacher (having just graduated from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities with an M.Ed. in the spring) and am currently teaching keyboarding and computer applications for grades 4-9. The content isn't the most challenging for me to teach so I'm constantly looking for way to incorporate technology into my lessons to keep both myself and my students interested in what we are learning.
Hi Kate,
Take a look at a few things: Global Virtual Classroom and Global Dreamers and Cyberteen.
GVC might take more of you time than you are able to allow.
Global Dreamers lets you pick and choose when you wish to participate.
Cyberteen will give your older students an opportunity to write about events and things important in you community. Take a look at the 'created by hand' project. I'll bet there are plenty of things in Minnesota that ARE made by hand.

Hello everyone, i'm Nicole born in Jamaica but currently in Richmond Va. I teach at a middle school. looking forward to network and collaborate to aid in professional growth.
Hi everyone,

My name is Geetanjali Shrivastava and I am a French teacher at the Alliance Francaise de Poona (India). I have been teaching since 5 years and have always enjoyed using Web 2.0 tools as a part of my class.

I am also working with a start-up that is developing a networking tool for academicians. Bibkosh, is a knowledge networking application that allows users to upload information the their Personal Knowledge Vault and share it with their peer group. Users can also publish their knowledge and showcase it to the world through their Knowledge Profile, which can then serve as a business card on the web.

I am looking forward to gaining insights into teaching and new teaching tools through Classroom 2.0

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with me for collaborations, do contact me at My twitter handle is plaingeets

I have gone through your pdf and its sounds good,congratulations for creating such a software which can give solutions as you mentioned in your pdf.
Thanks Shyam! Do sign up if you find it useful!



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