Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Check out
The contest has actually already begun, but we have a few spots on teams where partners have "disappeared".
My names are norbert boruett. I come from Kenya. I am a medical educationist and a certified Moodler and i enjoy integrating web 2.0 in the normal curriculum.Basically i teach in the largest paramedic college in Kenya. The institution is called kenya medical training college. In the recent i have been teaching in some local university- I have a passion for web 2.0 as learning tools
I teach K-12 panish and I am here because I love learning new ways to motivate and teach my students.
Hello everyone. I would like to as you to please visit a website for a program called Arts and Sciences Support of Education Through Technology (ASSETT) at the University of Colorado, Boulder. We have a ton of content about technology in the classroom and other useful information. While we strive to cover the CU community, we also cover national emerging technologies related to teaching and pedagogy in higher education. I am currently conducting research relating to three series' on Social Media, Transforming Education and Open Education.

ASSETT Website

Please visit out site and let me know what you think! Suggestions are always welcomed. This site will be updated in a few weeks. Thanks for your time.

-Esteban L. Hernandez

I'm Simon from Australia. I work in an art and design faculty of The University of New South Wales. I am very much into online learning and teaching, and have a keen interest in helping other teachers develop skills and expertise in this area. Looking forward to meeting and having some good conversations with others about this!

You can see some of my recent work here:
Hi, my name is Irene! And I'm a Singaporean currently teaching English in Hong Kong! I love technology and its application in the classroom!!
Hi, I'm Susy Siel, a high school Library Media Teacher in Kenosha, Wisconsin. I am new at this level, but I have been a SKYPE user with elementary students for several years. In March of 2009 I had my coup de gras with 17 SKYPE connections in one week in celebration of Read Across the Planet. NEA sponsors Read Across America for the birth of Dr. Seuss... I just took that one step further. WHEW!~!~

Now I am at Bradford High School and have made a few connections to Guatemala, So. Africa, Denmark and of course across Kenosha in my first year.

At the moment I'm looking to connect with a Holocaust Survivor. Any tips from you would certainly be welcome.
Hi Susan
I am the daughter of a Holocaust survivor Sonia Frenkel God rest her soul.You can find my work on our website
It has many links and much information. I am also the educational coordinator of the film Safe Haven the Warsaw Zoo. Safe Haven: The Warsaw Zoo was released in March, 2009 - Blue Heron (production company)
He is very active with Holocaust survivors and has done movies about them and won international awards.
You can read about it here and sure he can give you emails.
I too am an avid believer in the power of the Internet. Global Education Conference
I will be presenting on November 15th , 8 in the evening our time in Israel,
you can check here for your time.Teachers who can not watch may download for
free the next day.
a.. TITLE: Globaldreamers peace project
PRESENTER: Marsha Goren, Ein Ganim Elementary (Israel)
FORMAT: Presentation
SHORT DESCRIPTION: Global Dreamers: Peace Project. The Dream a Dream project
was developed by Mrs. Marsha Goren of Ein Ganim School Israel in 2000 and
first met the Internet in 2001. The idea started as a vehicle to encourage
children and educators to share in a learning environment that would lead to
global communication and tolerance. It inspires children to take a deeper
look at the world by exploring, exchanging ideas, and using research tools,
which supports a positive learning environment and a shared learning
experience. Because of the war between Israel and the Palestinians which
began in December 2008, schools were invited to join the peace project. The
children felt the need to express their feelings on the subject together
with many partners around the world.
TRACK: Policy and Leadership
In addtion I would like to add that we are still accepting work for the
fall project and thank the educators for sending us such lovely materials.
Our peace project is ongoing and you are invited to add materials, it is
really a great unit with so many schools including lovely lesson plans,
worksheets, online activities, songs, etc.
Use and enjoy,
. Hoping to see you on line and very excited about this huge conference.
a.. Marsha Goren Dream coordinator
Gday everyone. Im from Vancouver, Canada originally but now call Melbourne, Australia home. I am currently a grade 1 teacher at an international school in Bandung Java, Indonesia. I enjoy learning innovative ways to use technology in my class.

I am a redirected aka retired educator working part-time for East Carolina University and the University of NC - Wilmington in North Carolina. I supervise student interns K - 12 and teach an elementary social studies methods class. I am looking for exciting projects that I can share with my students and opportunities to collaborate in the social studies and related curriculum areas. I have learned a lot already perusing the site.
I am a middle school math and science teacher in Rocklin California. I am in my 21st year of teaching and I have taught in Idaho, Nevada, and California. I have experience with grades 3 - 8. I have been in the middle school setting for the past 7 years and loving working with the young adolescent kiddos.

I have always been into technology, but now it is so much more exciting. I am surprised how afraid of technology many of my colleagues are, in fact they are down right resistent. So, I am a lone wolf on my campus learning and integrating and slowly getting others to try the technology tools available to them.

I am so appreciative of this network of extremely talented and knowledgeable educators!!! I have been attending the Saturday classes and visit this site multiple times throughout my day!!
Kristen Beck, great you are in the right place.You could start with simple technologies ie google docs, the test- things that could make life very easy for them. Pressure from students could motivate teacher to have a paradigm shift. Here in Africa i tried



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