Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi everyone.I'm Hind Sinada,Kharoum,Sudan.I'm very much pleased to have joined this network and interested in using new technologies in the classroom.And as John Dewey,the American Educational reformer put it"If we teach today the way we taught yesterday,we rob our students of tomorrow." I wish to benefit from different experiences&advices to make my dream(in Sudan)come true
Hello,it is good of you to try to follow modern teaching technique,as our students are fed up with the spoon feeding method. We should computerize the curriculum so as to promote our methodology.
Try to install different lessons from the internet to use them in teaching your students.If you want to succeed you should have your own lap-top ,install your lessons ,use the speakers inside classroom,try the students tehmselves to use self-teaching method.
You observe,monitor,encourage and follow-up what they are grasping.
Hello,thanks 4 the great tips &the encouragement,and I'm very keen 'n' ready 2 take the journey.Ihope we meet 'n' discuss a lot about integrating ICT in classroom,specially the Web2.0
Hello, all!
I am Jennifer- a veteran fourth grade teacher from Seymour, IN-the great Midwestern section of the United States. I enjoy teaching and really love the kids!
I stumbled onto this site while searching for new ways to use more technology and less paper in my classroom. Our school has a 72% poverty rate, so not all of them have internet or computers at any ideas are welcomed!
I can't wait to get started!

I am Samantha Chaput I come from a small town called Cheshire, MA. I am a sub there and have been doing it for 5 years now. I plan on getting my a masters in education. I am very happy i was approved to this website.
Hello Samantha and a warm welcome to classroom2.0
Thanks for the warm welcome. I miss teaching right now.
Hi. My name is Vicki. I am a 10th grade student in Florida at a less then perfect school.
Since I plan on becoming a teacher one day, it would be nice to see how everything is really run and base my system of teaching on that.
Expecially because this is an online way of communication, I would really like to see this shoot up and become the way of learning.
The class that I wish to teach is High School band. It is where my heart and soul is. It would be nice to pass down my love to another generation.
Hello Vicki and welcome to classroom 2.0 Great to see your early interest in teaching.
My name is Daniel DiFalco, and I am currently a Physical Education and Adapted PE teacher at Ardsley Middle School, in Westchester NY. I graduated from Cortland State in 2007 with a degree in Physical Education/ Kinesiology. On top of teaching, I also Coach three sports (Football, Skiing and Lacrosse). I am currently pursuing my Maters in Educational Technology part time. In my extremely limited free time, I like to fish, rock climb, ski, and play sports. I currently play on a men’s lacrosse team and compete in skiing competitions on the weekends.
I am so pleased to have found my way to Classroom 2.0! I am a former middle school social studies teacher who is now district coordinator for character education. I also write curricula and create professional development components for a company here in Jacksonville that creates high-interest teen literacy books.
I'm Mark Heckel, an Information Technology Training Specialist at Penn State University. I'm a former public school teacher, and very interested in the pedagogical side of technology in the classroom.



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