Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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I just listened to some of the math podcasts.
Very nice
Thanks for sharing
Thanks for listening. This is my first experiment with grade 10 students. They all are very excited to learn in this new way. Hopefully, whole job will be done successfully.

Dear Rashmi-

Welcome from a fellow podcaster. I also find creating podcasts as a study tool to be very beneficial for my social studies students. I also listened to your work and it is great review. Feel free to see mine in the Subjects section of my website. I started in audio and then moved to Camtasia created screencasts. I am in the process of compiling work in other subjects. Take a look at the math section and see the work I have added from some other teachers in math. I have much more which will be going up soon. My original work is in iTunes as well as MasteryCast. My students love it!

Let me know if I can help! Good luck!

Sue P.
Hi! Sue
I listened to you on your website. You have a very sweet voice. I have also created some screen casts using an open source software CamStudio. My geometry class students were to practise on Geometry results using software GeoGebra, so I created instructions for them using CamStudio. I have uploaded some of videos on
I really liked your ideas of podcast.
Keep up the good work!
In my school social science teacher has created a blog You may visit her blog and add some comment in the comment box.May be both of you can discuss on some social science issues. There is one more You may contact both of them.
Learning and sharing is our motto...

Hi Rashmi

I did go through your blogspot and i could see some amazing work. It is heartwarming to see these innovative practices. I also went around and played with the puzzles you have posted. I am developing few ideas on least common multiple and wish to share some of my ideas.

As we approach to factors, LCM and HCF , mathematics learning become more abstract, the challenge is how to make these topics look less abstract and more meaningful. Unlike HCF which is intersection of the two numbers LCM is the union of the two numbers . To explain this idea, i am using two dimensional array say 2*4 and 3*6. The kids will first have to make the lesser number equal or greater then the bigger number. To facilitate this process i will be giving them ways to add more rows and columns. As they increase the rows and columns, they will come across two array which will be equivalent and hence is the least common multiple.

The second activity will be using bar diagrams and trying to find union from there.
One activity can also be skip counting on the numberline .

These are the ideas which i have thought, let me know if they really making sense. Any help will be appreciated.


Thats a wonderful idea. Keep it up!
I liked the idea of using bar diagrams.
You are welcome to Join my group of passionate teachers
Thanx a lot definitely keen on joinin and hopefully learn a lot from this community. Thanxs for the appreciation again.


Hello! My name is Kimberly McCollum and I teach pre-service teachers at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. I've been trying to get my students to see the potential for technology by having them communicate with teachers who are currently teaching. This semester, I was lucky to have two great teachers (Konrad Glogowski and Clarence Fisher) connect with my students using the Internet.

Next semester, I'm trying to give my students the experience of actually collaborating with an in-service teacher (and their students) and I've arranged for one of the sections that I teach to collaborate with a biology class in Georgia on an experiment. I also have Science, Home Ec teachers and Health teachers in the same section and I'm concerned that some students won't be interested in the project because it isn't directly related to their content area. Additionally, I teach another section of English and Foreign Language teachers and I don't have a project lined up for them at all. Any suggestions?

The idea that I keep having is to have my Home Ec and Health future teachers try to collaborate with others to create a cookbook with nutritional analysis and notes about the significance of each recipe. Is there a history teacher interested in having students research what people ate in different time periods, a biology teacher who wants to spice up their taxonomy unit by having kids research the classification of the foods they eat, a foreign language teacher who wants to get their students to learn more about the culture of a country, and/or an English teacher who wants students to practice writing directions for an audience?

My students are adults which complicates collaboration somewhat, but if anyone is interested in a project, I'd be extremely grateful and very flexible.
Hi Kimberly,

I'm so glad you joined Classroom 2.0 and, as one of the hosts, I'd like to officially welcome you to this community. I have no doubt that you will find many educators here interested in working with your students.

Since most teachers who have been members for a while don't often check these introductory posts, it might be a good idea to look for other threads and groups and also try there. I'm sure it won't be long before you find teachers willing to collaborate.

Speaking of collaboration, my students will be reading Animal Farm next term. Would that interest some of your future English teachers? I'd have to work on parental permissions to have other adults participate in our online community, but I think it's definitely worth a try. Let me know if you (and they) are interested.

I hope you enjoy being a member of Classroom 2.0!

Welcome aboard!

- Konrad

I am currently working on a project which is centered on k-12 schooling. We are developing an education portal for grade 3 to grade 8. The idea is to teach concepts with use of objects and symbols. So far we have developed lessons for grade 3 and the work is still in progress. The link for the same is We call ourselves IHA. From the content planning to researching on activities and teaching methodology to exploring scope for the product in and around the local market, i almost do everything. Currently i am working on the business plan for the fund requirements.

I have thoroughly liked this networking site. This is one site which discusses about various aspects and areas of our life. And it is commendable. The fact that i can choose my very own community gives me sense of protection. It also enables me to network and associate with the like minded people.

Thanx a lot
Hello all,
I'm Miranda Clemson and I work as the Network Administrator for Kimball Union Academy in Meriden , New Hampshire, USA. I want to support our faculty as they use technology in the classroom (and out) and find new things for them to try.
I'm particularly interested in getting together with folks who are using video. We have just launched an in-house video sharing site, kind of our own YouTube, at and I'd like ideas on how we can best use it going forward.
Hi Everybody,

I am Angad, i am in my final year of graduation. I love to learn about new technologies and love challenges. I am exited to be a part Classroom as i think this would be a good platform for exchanging knowledge.



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