Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hello, I am Cynthia Clark and am a full time doctoral student at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.  I am in the Teaching and Learning Department specializing in Educational Technology.  This site was linked to a story in my Educational Technology "magazine".  I will be teaching at least one section of the beginning Educational Technology class so I am looking forward to learning Web 2.0 teaching techniques I can pass on to my pre-service teachers.  I also plan to study effective uses of Web 2.0 technology in science instruction.

Hello everybody! My name is Laura and I am a student at CSU, Fresno almost ready to start my credentials this Summer. I think this site will be a great resource for me while completing my credentials and entering into my classroom.

Hi. I am "Teacher Aleta" at the Builders School and  "Prof V" to my students at the University of the Philippines Open University. I've eagerly posted via the discussion forum and now here to say my hellos. I've been a gradeschool teacher most of my life here in my country and have become an online teacher at the higher ed since 2007. It was quite a struggle adjusting to the  online world. Last year, I've started to comfortably navigate the web  after spending a few years in my unive's community site and playing around with Google apps.  Ever since I've become part of the WizIQ community/platform, I have finally moved around other sites to learn virtually and the experience has become most interesting. I am here to learn more of course and largely to observe how this community operates to give me new and fresh ideas when it comes to encouraging other teachers in the Philippines to maximize what the Web 2.0 has to offer. I hope to sustain my attention for a year here at Classroom 2.0, amidst all other work which needs to get done. Thanks for having me.

Hello, My name is Jill. I am majoring in Special Education and would love to work with others to help me learn how to work with students and other teachers.

Hi, I'm Kaitlin! I am a Special Ed major, and cant imagine doing anything else with my life. I am looking forward to meeting, learning from and colloborating with other education professionals to expand my knowledge and experience.


Hello all! I am Daniel from the south suburbs of Chicago. I am currently in college pursuing a career in the field of special education. Any guidance and insight that you can provide for me will be greatly appreciated.

Hey Everyone,

I'm Lauren from Chicago, Illinois. I am currently an undergrad student at Lewis University studying combined elementary and special education with a concentration in history. I've gone through most of the education program at Lewis leaving me with a year and half left until I am a certified teacher. Glad to be here to learn great ideas from fellow professionals with great experiences in the teaching field.


Hey! Elizabeth from Chicago, IL

Hi everybody!

I'm Laura from Italy. I teach Literature, History and Geography in a lower secondary school (students 11-14) in Tuscany, near Florence and Siena. Since the very beginning of my career as a teacher, I've been involved in International cooperation projects and in the development of CLIL courses for my pupils. I'm looking forward to sharing my  experiences with other teachers and learning from each other. And of course, I'm always looking for new hints & ideas for educational technology!

Hello, I'm James. I am a special education / school psychology person. Teaching at the college level now, in my first year as an assistant professor. After 1 semester I am already fed up with Blackboard and I have migrated most of what I do onto other sites, such as my Google Site and an Edmodo group. I would like to use a blog or wiki with students next semester. I am also interested in the PLN phenomenon and introducing students to this idea as they enter teaching.  So I hope to learn a lot from other techie teachers out there!

James- i support your thinking- i am a certified Moodler and i have found the Google educational applications very useful. just to name a name a few google forms- for making quizzes,google docs sharing documents and wikispaces for sharing sites and discussions

Hi, I´m Soledad from Viedma, Rio Negro in Argentina. I´m an English teacher and translator and I work as a virtual tutor in an institute and at the university where I teach english to adults.Most of the time I use 2.0 tools to enrich my classes and motivate students. This place is really very useful to help us in our job. I keep reading. Sole



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