Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi Steve,

My name is Michele and I am a recent instructional education graduate from New York Institute of Technology, which is located in Old Westbury, New York. I live on Long Island and I am very excited to incorporate technology into our classrooms!

Hi to all from Turkey ,

My Name is Gunseli, I am  Owner and  Manager  of   technology based  learning materials producer company, we have just finalized  an European Leonardo Transfer of Innovation project under wich  we developed 105 e- lectures and implemented and managed e-courses on moodle 2.0 in 3 languages with 1200 participants from 55 countries 

We have more then 290.000 logs , survey, statistics related to this pilot, we are ready to reply to your questions  related to this experience.  


Hello, My name is Kelly and I am a mid- level education student.  I am considered non-traditional because I am over 40 and have 7 children.  I was drawn to this site because of the technology within.  I want to catch and keep my students attention and the best way to do that is with up to date technology know how.  I am looking to use this site to learn as much as possible before I start working in the fall.

Hello everyone.  Jeremy Andrews, 5th and 6th grade teacher near Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Been teaching for a little over 10 years and always want to be up-to-date with best practices in technology.  Currently, I am researching E-textbooks and how established and ready they are for the educational setting (primarily math in middle school).

Me llamo Juvenal Padrón Fragoso. Soy profesor del Departamento de Didáctica e Investigación Educativa de la Universidad de La laguna (Islas Canarias, España). Me he incorporado recientemente a Aula 2.0 y estoy interesado en las TIC por las repercusiones tan relevantes en la innovación didáctica.

Hi Jeremy,

I would be interested in hearing about your findings on E-textbooks!

Hello, Kara Johnson from the Prince William Sound Science Center in Cordova Alaska.  We are trying to bring more Web2.0 aspects into our educational programs.  Looking forward to learning how all of you are using Web2.0 to increase engagement and learning!


I am new to classroom 2.0. I am currently an instructional supervisor for Newport News Public Schools in Virginia.

Hi Dewey Nice to meet you.

Twenty years ago I was looking for ways to interest my children in their English studies. After many courses and difficult work, I realized the value of the Internet as a way of spreading an educational message around the world. The process has led me to become a technology innovator and global leader in online collaborative learning projects. These projects now include thousands of children from more than 37countries worldwide.

"Global Dreamers" ( prompts students at Ein Ganim and from around the world to join in a multicultural project that captures students' thinking in a visual way. The Share section is full of information about many countries, cultures, schools, etc. There are also many group projects  that participants can choose to join as their schedules allow.

"Global Dreamers" inspires children to take a deeper look at the world by exploring, exchanging ideas, and using research tools. It supports a positive learning environment and a shared learning experience. By inviting the participation of children from around the globe, it supports the fight against the Digital Divide. In addition, it aims to encourage cross-cultural communication and to promote global understanding, while helping children to expand their knowledge and supporting the innovative use of new technologies in education. Above all, it attempts to create a more tolerant individual in a multicultural society. We believe that by understanding and learning about others, children can face a better world.

As an EFL teacher it was my wish to combine English teaching along with technology. I wanted my students to experience a social, cultural and personal learning experience. This project utilizes Internet technologies for genuine learning of the English language by activating and motivating children with various online activities. In addition to the utilization of technologies, studying English will also assist different cultures in participating with greater understanding in the challenge of globalization.

The project's activities include a webquest about Israel and our 'dreamers' web site, writing and story corners,  a calendar, a news corner and active online group activities. The project integrates technology in the classroom and children become active creative learners. It increases their curiosity, their interests and as a result they are more committed to the authentic learning process. There are many group projects that teachers can choose to join.

As a result of all the following, the number of participants grows from month to month. Over 100 schools and home-schooled families from around the world take part in our activities. Teachers, parents and children from around the world have joined in the dynamic GlobalDreamers project.

Right now we are implementing our peace project, as well as our festival of light project. We would love to have you and I look forward to making new friends on our website. Please contact me for details about our projects.


Best wishes,

Marsha Goren

Founder and project coordinator

Marsha, the work you've been doing with your students is great.  I encourage you to browse the blog articles at and see how interns have been working with me in Chicago.  You'll see how they have been looking at ideas on the Tutor/Mentor Institute web site and blog that focus on infrastructure and leadership actions required to build and sustain comprehensive, mentor-rich programs in all of  the high poverty areas of Chicago.  In this context the visualizations and interpretations they do are creating new understanding of the original ideas I've put on the web site and at the same time encouraging more people to look at those ideas and apply them to their own efforts to help kids to careers.  If students from schools around the world were doing the same thing the interpretations they do could point to maps of their own communities, not Chicago. Yet the collective effort would create new understanding that could apply to all big cities.  I coach the interns via the groups on the site and would welcome you and other educators to join in.

Hi everyone,

My name is  Ruchita Parat.We organize Hindi classes at various location in California.Look forward to making friend and networking....

Jim Strachan - recently seconded to the Ontario Ministry of Education supporting the New Teacher Induction Program (NTIP)

Proud co-author of 2 recent books:

Looking forward to learning with and from this community.....Happy Friday!




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