Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi I am Christine.  I am a Technology integration teacher from WIlliamsburg, VA.  I am here for a course I am taking, but as I have started to explore, I have realized that I can share and learn a lot here to benefit my school and students!
Hi, My name is pooja and i am working as an ICT specialist working in an PYP school while exploring net i came across this website and would like to share work and my ideas with others using this website. I would like my students to learn a lot from students and teachers working in other parts of world. I am an author also who has written books in computer for different grades, have an experience of 10 years but this is my first year in an pyp school.
Hi everyone. I'm Heidi Madsen from Denmark. A primary school teacher and school librarian. As well as teaching IT (to students and collegues). Looking forward to learning.
Hi everyone. My name's Kath, I am a British teacher currently teaching PYP (grade 3) an international school in New York...Interesting to be here!

I was a teacher for years, but was taken out by failed back surgery that also partially blinded me. Desperate to teach again, but stuck at home, I finally invented a way to teach online. I now teach struggling readers on Skype, and love it just as much as I did in the classroom.

I'm thrilled to know that teaching can be a part of my life for as long as I live—while I've still got my wits. ;)

YOu are inspiring to me, Paula. I am implementing a project called Globaldreamers. It is an international project and we collaborate with the Global Virtual Classroom Clubhouse. If you would like to join our peace project with them welcome! YOu can see it at Peace project and you can look at the menu on the side to see our work.

Yes, you have your wits. :-)

Marsha Goren

About Me

I forgot this wiki may be of some help with worksheets and GiggleBellies songs with free download worksheets which I wrote.


I'm Md Santo, Knowledge Management (KM) and Organizational Learning (OL) consultant from Jakarta, Indonesia.After retired from lecturing in Higher (Medical) Education or Campus Learning, currently I'm involved in Corporate Learning activities. The founder of social networking site "MOBEE KNOWLEDGE CoP" - , carrying out mission " Toward Human System Biology-based KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT 2.0 through Contextual Learning on the issues of Technology-Process-People-Innovation".

Your feed back on my site, either the content or the context, will be greatly appreciated.

Anyhow, glad to be here

Hi I'm chief of things at MaxClass - a new social network / communication platform for schools (and parents). It's our dream that communication in and around school (at home!) will become much better.

We spent about a year developing MaxClass and now are seeing schools or individual classes join, which is really great. It's free for most uses, so I would love to see some of you try it out and especially give me feedback on MaxClass in your context. 

If you think you can help us spread the word in your state or country, please let me know. But give it a spin first!


Michiel Klønhammer



I am a 20 year teaching veteran who is greatly enjoying riding the edtech wave.  I write several blogs and curations on the topic.  I am always looking for what's new and really useful to classroom teachers.  Look forward to sharing.



Hi Donna ,I hope you are all well and have a wonderful school year. I am writing to tell you that we are beginning our peace project for the year in honor of the United Nations International Peace day on September 21st, 2011

We invite our friends from around the world to participate in our project by writing about peace at your school, towns, city or countries. Since I am also the project director of the GVC Clubhouse there two ways in which you can send project. If you use the clubhouse wiki then please:

Go to New Page and create a page called Peace - and add your school's name or organization. TAG the page: peace, and it will appear on the wiki menu.  OR send your text, images or videos to to post on the Global Dreamers  website Peace 2011-project. See Peace Archive

We are sharing our work with the Global Virtual Classroom and hope to have a great collaboration with all of the wonderful educators and kids from around the world.

Please join us. Wishing everyone a great year and looking forward to hearing from all of you,.


Marsha Goren

GVC project director of the GVC Clubhouse

Hi ~ I just started my 20th year of teaching at an independent school in Wilmington, NC. I teach the 10th grade history course and am working part time (one period a day) as an instructional technology resource teacher. I am currently working on my Capstone certification through PBS Online. I look forward to sharing ideas with everyone!



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