Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hello, I'm Dan Sagmiller, Oconomowoc, WI (outside Milwaukee/Madison) 

I run a small school on Game Programming and Business Programming and occasionally teach classes at local colleges and give talks to schools.  I'm hoping to improve my craft of education and find excellent ideas here.

Hello everyone!  My name is Jeff Walrich and I work at Holy Innocents' in Atlanta, GA

Dean-10th Grade Boys, Assistant Athletic Director, Film & Broadcast Production Teacher, Head Wrestling Coach and love educational technology!

Hey Jeff,

    This is Dan from buffalo.  I loved filmmaking and still have hopes to be a screenplay writer some day.  I am in my 40's and recently disabled, so, I have the time to write them now.  Any ideas on what is new in the world of film?  I took my classes in the 90's, so, I know much has changed, but, I am more looking at how the writing has changed.



Hello everyone, my name is Tony Graham and I am based in Leicestershire in England. I am an education consultant specialising in leadership development and online learning. I lead a small team of e-specialists providing facilitator training for the National College. I also work in Industry for about 50% of my time focussing on training trainers, QA and design of training programmes.

Why am I here...... I want to understand more about this way of learning.

Hello all!  My name is Brianna Strahler, and I am a social studies teacher with a passion for literacy from Pittsburgh, PA.  I'm looking to collaborate and meet new teachers!
I'm Matt Hurst from Salem (Keizer), Oregon.  I use quite a few collaborative tech tools in my middle school ESL classes.  This year my classes are using iPod Touches.  Other new tools I'm currently trying out are: Schoology and ClassDojo.  You can visit my blog to find out more:  Cheers!
Hi Everyone.  My name is Tejal Shah and I am teaching in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  I have also taught in London, England and am looking to connect with educators from around the world.  I teach intermediate elementary (mainly Grades 4-7).  I am just finishing up an Masters in Education in Curriculum Studies and Teacher Education (focus on computer mediated technology and holistic education).  I am also quite passionate about peace education and social justice issues.


I hope you are all well and have a wonderful school year. I am writing to tell you that we are beginning our peace project for the year in honor of the United Nations International Peace day on September 21st, 2011

We invite our friends from around the world to participate in our project by writing about peace at your school, towns, city or countries. Since I am also the project director of the GVC Clubhouse there two ways in which you can send project. If you use the clubhouse wiki then please:

Go to New Page and create a page called Peace - and add your school's name or organization. TAG the page: peace, and it will appear on the wiki menu.  OR send your text, images or videos to to post on the Global Dreamers  website Peace 2011-project. See Peace Archive

We are sharing our work with the Global Virtual Classroom and hope to have a great collaboration with all of the wonderful educators and kids from around the world.

Please join us. Wishing everyone a great year and looking forward to hearing from all of you,.


Marsha Goren

GVC project director of the GVC Clubhouse

Thanks Marsha,


I am subbing at the moment as I finish my Master's degree but will be in touch once I get into a classroom!  




Welcome, this a great place to be in.I think we in africa should take  more interest in peace education.We have a disproportionate amount of conflicts

I'm Veronica, I live in deep South Texas. I was a teacher for over 25 years, and now substitute in my hometown. I've been unable to find a permanent position, so I decided to use some of my retirement pension and began my graduate studies. I am taking two online courses in Educational Technology, something that has always interested me. It combines my love for teaching with my fascination with technology. I'm not very tech-savvy, but I'm willing to work at improving my tech skills. I hope to parlay my new skills into a new job somewhere. I saw a link to this site, checked it out, and love all the information that's provided here. Looking forward to reading more and interacting more with fellow teachers!!

Good luck with with the Graduate Studies, I bet its a thrilling ride!



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