Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi all,


Hi I'm Caz. I'm a Grade 3 teacher and 3/4 Team Leader in Melbourne, Australia. I am paritcularly interested in Literacy and curriculum development and my goal this year is to include more technology in my classroom. I'm here to help build up my PLN and get to know some like minded people. Nice to meet you all :)



You are in the right forum- you will develop and achieve a lot in classroom 2 to achieve your dreams

From just being around here for a couple of days I have already learnt so much :)


My name is Trevor, I'm from Limerick in Ireland and now I'm working and living in Dublin. I teach History, English and ICT in an all boys secondary school with students ranging in ages from 13 to 18.

I love technology and try to use it in both the teaching and learning that happens in my school. This year I've started a school news blog with students as the 'journalists' and we are in the process of introducing Google Apps to the school.

I'd like to expand my knowledge and use of web 2.0 and expand my PLN. You can find me on twitter @ConnollyTrevor

Trevor- thanks see you in twitter
Im from California

Greetings all,


I'm Jeff, currently teaching in a private college prep school in DE after returning home from teaching in PYP classrooms internationally. I'm happy to have found your site!

Hi there,

my name is Doug.  I work as a technology integration specialist at a K12 school in Australia Perth.  I offer support to all departments with their technology queries.  I do specialise in Apple (the school are a 1:1 Macbook school) but I also promote many different vendors/companies.


I look forward to sharing ideas!

Hello everyone! Greetings from Malaysia. My name is Karim. I'm a lecturer in Food Technology, School of Industrial Technology, Universiti Sains Malaysia, MALAYSIA. Apart from being an active researcher, I spend a great deal of time to learn new things about teaching and learning. I have a blog, One Stop Learning and also a personal website (in the process of updating soon). I hope to link up with educators from around the world who shares the same passion for learning and education in general. By the way, the introductory video above was created with Voki. For the narration I used text-to-speech option. I tried to embed the embedding code but the video didn't appear correctly. So I played the video and captured it with Screenr, copied the embedding code and the result as you can see above.

Karim- you are the guy.We have similar interest. I have tried a number of things in wikispaces and in a lot of google apps. i have tried something on back channel. from the look of things i will be surely be your student-  ventured into voki-but didn't do much- so i am going to go your blog and learn more from you.

go to this site-  


Hi Norbert, I was just thinking to blog about my experience of using wiki (Wikispaces) last semester. It was not 100% successful in terms of the objective I have set to achieve but I learned many useful lessons for future improvement. Meanwhile, may I invite you and others to view my wiki for the two courses I taught last semester. Feel free to browse the content...



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