Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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I will totally check that out! Of course, I'm not physically in Blacksburg so I may not be able to attend, but I will go to the website. Thanks!

Thanks for the invite!

Brand new to Classroom 2.0, but it doesn't take long to get one excited at the possibilities.

I live and teach Grade 8 E.L.A. and Math in Virden, MB, Canada. I'd be interested in connecting with other Grade 8 classrooms from around the world.

My class blog is called Mr. O's World.
Craig Clarkson ~ Stanley, N.B., Canada. Small rural K-12 school (Stanley High School) and I teach a combo of middle and high school courses (SS/PE)
Hi everyone, my name is Felix and I am interested in meeting technology savvy educators from around the world!
Welcome Felix!
My name is Liz, and I am a 40-something year old high school mathematics teacher from New Zealand. However I now live in Japan with my Irish husband and children and we work at an international school in Kobe, near Osaka. We have the IB MYP and diploma program at our school.
Hi Liz,
Besides the work I do for Global Virtual Classroom, I also run a small Teen Magazine called Cyberteen. You may be interested for two reasons. One: we have an art teacher from Imani school (not far from you) who is a contributor, and two: we have a math teacher from India (St. Mark's senior secondary school). It's a small "share what you'd like" magazine and meant to let us all know about each other.
Email me if you're interested.
Hi everyone,
My name is Lily, I live in Biloela, Australia. I am studying Librarianship, and it's really wonderful to come across this website, as I need to learn a lot of Web 2.0. I work as Library Assistant at my local library. Love working there, I think that's the reason I do further study in Librarianship.

I think this site is wonderful, love the sharing knowledge atmosphere here, I still need to learn a lot to get around on this site.

Hi, I am Holly. I am a teacher from Florida. (I have taught middle school reading and high school English, but I am also certified in Social Studies, Humanities, and Middle Grades integrated Curriculum). Recently, however my 80 year old mother has had 2 kn\ee replacement surgeries, so I am in Ohio as she recuperates. I am becoming very interested in teaching on-line. It seems like it would be an ideal fit for me. I could become a "snowbird" with my mother (offering the support she needs)0 and work full-time. I'm having trouble getting my foot in the door interviews. Anyway, I'm hoping I can get some useful tips for uing technology through the folks on this site..
My name is Amanda Wilson. I teach Spanish at Appalachian State University & Caldwell Community College in Boone, NC and Mayland Community College in Spruce Pine, NC but I'm applying to a Teacher Ed PhD program in Lincoln, Nebraska--so I hope to be out there by this time next year.

I'm a bit (heh) of a tech-head. You can find all my projects and info on my website:

I'm interested in facilitating student learning via web 2.0 tools and I'm interested in researching assessment, both at the classroom and program levels with a special emphasis on making assessment more authentic, valid, and culturally responsive.

I'm also in the beginnings of developing an online textbook/hybrid course in beginning Spanish. If anyone's interested in taking a peek, the URL is and I'd be extremely grateful for any feedback.

Thanks! :)
Hello all! My name is Alison Paulette and I'm a librarian at a 9-12 high school in the semi-rural area of Appomattox, Virginia. This is my third year as librarian. Prior to that I was home for 10 years with my 5 daughters and getting my masters. We are a small county and I'm at the only high school with about 700 students. After years in elementary ed, I'm surprised at how much I like high school. The librarian (or should I say School Media Specialist) has an important role in school instructional technology in that s/he is a leader in its uses and applications, at least that's how I view it. I've been very successful with getting teachers to use new things. My biggest hit this year has been animoto. So now I've got to find something else to wow them with.
Welcome Alison! Good to see a fellow Virginian!



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