Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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My name is Darlene Koenig; I'm a freelance education writer who would like to share your successes using social media tools in the 6-12 classroom. The article is for Teaching Tolerance magazine, a publication of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

I'm particularly interested in your story if you've been using Twitter, Facebook, Skype or other web-based apps to reach tolerance-related goals such as bridging cultural divides, learning and/or collaborating with other cultures, or helping students to involve themselves in issues of social justice. This can be at school, community, national, or international levels. I'm interviewing teachers this week, and can be reached by e-mail at or through Facebook at Thanks so much!
Good morning. My name is Michelle. I am a 9-12 science teacher at a high school which is going 1:1 in the fall with the freshmen. Sophomores and juniors will be added midyear. Looking forward to the challenge and discovering new ways to enhance my students critical thinking. I am from Neenah, WI.
My name is Jessica Galbraith and I am high school socials studies teacher from Connecticut. I was exposed to this website through a doctoral level course I am taking in Instructional Technology. I am amazed by its capabilities!!
Hi all. My name is Sameer Mehta, from San Francisco, CA. I work with Adobe in developing a new multimedia software that will be used to help teachers prepare assignments and materials very easily! It will also, allow an exchange so teachers across the country can share material. I am very excited by this group, and would love any help.
I am Marsha from Globaldreamers Israel and one of the ePals ambassador teachers.
You can see it on the E-Pals site. ( See teacher ambassador winners.

. In 1991 It was my wish for my students to become excited and interested in their learning and found that the internet offered children the opportunity to collaborate with other students all around the world and become involved in real world, authentic learning opportunities that could be enjoyable and truly meaningful. I am the creator of Global Dreamers web site ( and along with my students promote the vision of “worldwide peace”. I am now a mentor for so many teaching professionals and present workshops locally and nationally and even internationally. I am always willing to share my time with other educators, “…Remember, knowledge is power and educators have been given the gift of finding and sharing it.’

The children have always been my inspiration and so I’ve tried to inspire them. It wasn’t until the web took the world by surprise, though, that teaching became an exciting challenge, an unbelievable experience where collaborative learning comes alive in classrooms around the world, and my students have become learners and leaders; partners and participants through their Global Dreamers involvement.

Looking back I now realize the social innovation that Global Dreamers has brought to the educators, students and of course me. It was the different strategies we implemented which have helped our dream come true for the last nine years. Indeed our work has helped to enrich and engage the lives of many of our global partners and friends around the world. This social innovative way of teaching and sharing tries to answer to old problems that the world faced before the power of the Internet and technology touched our lives. It has also helped to change biased opinions by learning about others and has extended and strengthened the civil society and the future it may bring.
Our work has brought us much satisfaction and me personally a new outlook on education. It is not the awards that have come our way but the true motivation the kids receive through this process.I am proud of the kids and what they do. They are willing to take the extra step for their global friends.
Look forward to hearing from you,

Best wishes,

Marsha Goren Ein Ganim School Petach Tikva, Israel
Come and dream with us soon.
Love the website! You have many great ideas and I love the Peace Project.
Hi Robert,
How nice to meet you and I invite you and your kids to join us and would love to make new friends.
The peace project is so important and we can all make a change in the way kids think with a bit of compassion.
No words to express how much this project has influenced so many educators and kids!
Loved hearing from you and keep in touch,
Marsha, I'm writing a story this week for Teaching Tolerance magazine (a publication of the Southern Poverty Law Center) on ways that teachers use social-networking tools to promote tolerance and social justice. Do students in the Global Dreamers program use tools such as Facebook, Twitter, or their own blogs? If so, I'd love to interview you for the story. You can reach me at

Thanks in advance!
Hi Darlene,
I will contact you through your email and tell you about my work. Janet and I have been working together for many years and believe in the power of the Internet in promoting tolerance.
I actually have used your site for teaching and there were even a few article that included my work in Globaldreamers and Holocaust teaching .
Thanks !
Hello Aleksandra,
Our work together is so special and having you in Globaldreamers is a wonderful experience for my students and I. The sharing of our lives and cultures through so many walks of life is indeed something we will all cherish now and always.
I too look forward to working with you again this year.
Hi, everyone!
I'm Rose from Bulgaria, an English language teacher, teaching to young learners. I am keen on using technology in my work and working on Glogster Edu with kids. I'm a Glogster Edu ambassador.I'm looking forward to collaborate with other teachers using it in their work, eager to learn and share new ideas.
Hi Rose,
How nice to read about an English teacher from Bulgaria, I teach English as a second language in Israel. Since we are both ambassadors for our countries would love to get to know and invite you to join our activties.
We can share many ideas .



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