Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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We do lots of Tandem e-mail and chat activities using
I joined C20 recently and came across your discussion this evening. Are you all still open to partners? I have a couple of Spanish teachers at our school interested in what would be a first exchange for them and their classes.


I would love to learn more about how you use tech for teaching Spanish. I am researching this very topic now for the school where I work.


Welcome aboard, Susan!

I hope that you find some challenging, risky-but-fun collaborations here. Konrad's advice is good stuff. Just wanted to add my own voice to the welcomes! In "the real world," I've found that attending conferences is a great way to meet folks interested in collaboration--the ISTE NECC has been the best for me so far, and this year it's in D.C, pretty close to you, I'd wager!!!

Here's a link to info about that one:
Hello Everyone!

@Susan- I am also a Spanish teacher, and I am currently researching speed and accuracy in Second Language Learning for my dissertation. I'd certainly like to see what you do and share best practices.
I am a Spanish teacher too! Look me up on twitter! sraweltz
Hi Susan,
I'm Lisa Garner I teach Spanish at a High School in Western Ky.
I am working on adding as much technology into the classroom for our students as possible.
Hola Susan- I am a Spanish teacher in a HS in Long Island NY. I would love to collaborate :)
Hi Susan,

I created a group called Teaching Spanish with Web 2.0 tools. I would love to have you join! Welcome, again...
hi, I was wondering if youare the teacher who partnered with someone in caracas for skype conversations.

Hi, Susan. I am researching if it's possible the school where I work (elementary, independent school) to offer Spanish to our students without having a Spanish teacher. The answer might be no! But we are wondering if there are tech tools that would allow the homeroom teacher to learn along with the kids. I welcome thoughts, ideas, etc...




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