Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi. My name is Caronne. I am the Teacher-Librarian at an independent Prek-8th grade Friends school. I also do tech-support for the school. I am interested in learning about tools that connect people around the world and help our students to express themselves in new and creative ways.
Hello~ My name is Nicole LaRochelle. I teach for the Arizona Virtual Academy, a K-12 school. I just started my Masters in Instructional Media. As a part of that program, I am learning about new ways to 'network' as a professional. I am hoping to gain ideas and to contribute where I can. My current position is in our middle school. A unique thing about our school is that we are a home-based public school. In most cases, students are taught by their parent(s) with the support of a certified teacher (me). It's really been an interesting experience. I look forward to seeing how this network can enhance what I do.
Bob Kachurek here, from Cleveland, Ohio USA. I've been a science educator for 31 years - most of that time teaching middle school students. My current grade level, 6th (11-12 yr. olds), is in the middle of the first year of a 1:1 tablet PC program. I am experiencing one of the most stimulating years of teaching I have ever had. Since every student has a computer that they can take home and our school has wireless connectivity, my teaching and learning ideas are only limited by what I can dream up. So I am open to any techniques that will supercharge learnng. I am now longing to take one particular next step, venturing into global learning. Maybe running science experiments here that a distant school is also running, then sharing data and analzing resuts. Maybe partnering with schools worldwide to share cultural and scientific information on a regular basis -- I'm not quite sure yet, but I am willing to try almost anything. My large teaching units are Atmosphere and Weather (Sep-Dec.), Magnetism and Electricity (Jan.-Mar.), and Human Biology (Apr.-June).
Hello everyone,

My name is Andy Wenger I'm the lead programmer for an indie educational game company. I live in Switzerland and work with two good friends that both live in California. You got to love video chat! My reason for joining classroom 2.0 is to get input from educators on how to improve software tools for the classroom. What are the requirements for a useful and truly educational game? In other words what features do you believe would benefit the students and what is it that would make your life easier as teachers? I believe the way to create good educational software is to involve the students and educators as much as possible into the development process.

I'm looking forward to learning from your valuable insights and to sharing information. Thanks for having me!
Hello everybody. I am Ren and I teach a mixed ability Year 5/6 (grades 4/5) class in Oxford UK. I have joined because I am excited about the potential of technology to help me accelerate my children's progress through engaging and stimulating lessons. However, I am a little nervous about it all! I would love to hear from some of you and look forward to learning about what you are all doing. Best regards, Ren
Hi there, I teach ESL at a secondary school in Germany and train teachers on how to incorporate ICT into their lessons. It's not easy to convince teachers that ICT is the future. My own school is not geared for ICT yet and so even I myself struggle to include it into my own lessons.
ESL teacher at the University of Sheffield in the UK. Been a teacher for about 16 years, worked in over 12 countries in that time! Fascinated by technology, especially in language learning, and lucky to have access to so much at work (IWB, smart tablets, clickers, language labs). Particularly interested in mobile learning and write a blog on that subject. Looking forward to sharing on this site and learning new stuff from others.
Hello David, I am also new and in the UK. I teach years 5 and 6 in Oxford and am excited by the potential of technology to engage the children.
I am new to Classroom 2.0. I took a course towards keeping my certification and this was one of the things we talked about. I am from Warrington, PA and I am a dual certified teacher in both enviromental and special education. I am looking for a new job around the Bucks/Montgomery/Philadelphia county area. My dream job is to teach environmental education by utilizing the schools campus. I also love community service projects, and I have organized numerous events including two to help hurricane victims in Miss. and Texas.
I am also a children's singer/song writer/author. I have performed for thousands of children in hundreds of concerts as Eco-Man. I have one story published, so far, called "The Perfect Stick," in Humpty Dumpty Magazine in March, 2009.
I would love to know how to get started in Web 2.0
Hello everyone - My name is Jennifer Brinson and although I've been a member of Classroom 2.0 for about a year, I have failed to really take advantage of what a great resource it is. I am an Instructional Coach at a high school in Allentown, Pennsylvania and am charged with helping teachers in my building integrate technology and academic literacy skills into their curriculums. I have a love of all things Web 2.0 and look forward to every opportunity to learn something new.
How do you keep track of your students progress?
Do you work on the latest buzz of Executive Functions?
welcome,and hope you enjoy here, this is my blog, I just have a fancy on bags, LOL.



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