Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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My name is Araceli and I am a Spanish teacher. I have been working overseas in International Schools for 10 Years.
Hi, Im Lynn and very new to this. Ive been doing a Learning 2.0 class and trying to come to terms with the changes that are taking place as a result of this revolution. Im working in a new International School in Songdo, South Korea and after many years in administration am moving back into the classroom full time. Im looking forward to this BUT embedding technology in authentic and useful ways is something Im on a mission to achieve.
Im interested in finding information from teachers who are working with PYP particularly grade K-2 and also information on multi modal literacies and how the new technologies are creating new genres of texts -what that means for educators and how we embed these text types. Can anyone help ?
My name is Jesse and I am just starting my teaching journey. I am currently student teaching and joined this site to use as a resource and to become more connected online with other educators. I am from Oregon, I like jumping off big rocks into rivers in the summer, and spending time with my friends.
My name is Rae and I'm a librarian at a start up school in South Korea. I'm interested in uses of technology in the library/media center as we are a forward-thinking community. Does anyone have any idea of the optimum best percentage rate of digital to traditional matter in libraries/media centers. Many thanks. Rae
My name is Jenny Burroughs and I am the Distance Learning Support and Scheduler for Cattaraugus-Allegany BOCES in Western, New York. Right now we service over 22 school districts which means hundreds of Polycom and Tandberg units in schools. We have been using our Polycom units primarily for virtual field trips from various providers. Our Tandberg units are primarily used for meetings and courses. Right now we are continuing to grow. Primarily my focus right now is to find collaborative partners from all over the United States and the world. If you are interested in collaborating with us please let me know.
Hello,i'm ready in collaborating with you. Pls. provide me with your conditions and regulations to stick to.
Abdulmageed A.A.Ahmed
John Hinds, elementary principal in San Antonio. I have been following several discussion on using the iTouch in the classroom.

I am Bjoern Lasse Herrmann and work on Supercool School.
We want to build a new global infrastructure of learning :)!

If you want to become part of the movement or just learn more about what we do you can ping me at

Hi, Steve,

I´m Monica from Brazil I live in the centre of the country, in a state capital city called Cuiabá. We are far from the coast and from the well-known cities of our country such as Rio and São Paulo. Our state is a thriving one, its growth has been compared to the growth of China, 11% per year. We produce crops such as soya beans, cotton and corn. Our state is also famous for its cattle breeding. I´m an English teacher. I fond of English and right now I´m interested in using the advantages of technology to improve my English teaching skills. I´m a mum of 3 kids, Bruna (24), Bebeta (22) and Freddy (16). At the moment I´m a self-employed teacher who is always connected with the teaching world community.
I hope to meet lots of interesting people who would share loads with me.
i'm alecturer at international university of Africa in khartoum,capital of the same time i'm the registrar of the center for research and african studies at the same university. CRAS provide students with higher diplomas,master degree (by courses )and Phd. by mresearch in the following specialities: 1. political science,african economics,linguistics,history,african culture ,comparative religions.The students of the univ.are from90 different countries (most of them are from african countries,Asia, Europe and America.(we are looking to have students from Latin America) and Mexico.Int. Univ. of Africa provides scholarships to students to learn Arabic language.
I worked in Saudi Arabia as a translator (English -Arabic) "speaking and writng English in a good way" I studied french ,not bad in understanding and writing, I studied in France 1974 for one year "Lille".
I'm a father of three sond (29,20,19). A daughter of 26 she is a doctor .
Sudan had its independance in1956 ,of an area of 1 million sq.mile. A river Nile which one of the greatest rivers in the world.
Hello everybody, I'm James Yasko - Director of Education at The Hermitage, Home of President Andrew Jackson, in Nashville, TN. We're just starting a webconferencing program through Elluminate based on Government/Civics/American History. If you're looking for a collaboration, let me know!
Wow - you are using Elluminate??? How did you decide to use it?



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