Please introduce yourself, let us know a little bit about you, and where you are from.

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Hi - I'm Laura Alexander - a high school special needs teacher in Topeka, KS. I've never heard of this before so I am glad to be here.
Hello folks. I am a special education teacher at Monsignor Uyen School in Chatham, Ontario, Canada. I work with students from JK to Grade 8. I love the variety my day holds. I am also very much involved with the School Peace Garden Movement In June, 2000, I was honoured by being named TV Ontario's Teacher of the Year. I love technology and see it as a way to level the playing field for my special students.
Hi, I'm Geoff.

I am a teacher in Hong Kong working in after school education and interactive technology manufacture.
I also run a ning especially for primary/ elementary teachers worldwide.

Looking forwards to a rich experience onsite!
As CIO of Littleton Public Schools, I try to figure out where the technology is going and help set our schools up for success. We have a wireless network covering every corner of each school and we offer fully open access that kids use with their technology. We are piloting some writing projects with ASUS EeePCs with over 800 in the school district and are working on a major initiative leveraging them. We publish an annual IT guideline document that is available at
I've joined here because I am very interested in the development of social networking systems into powerful learning resources. We recently held a no-charge conference in our district with over 200 attendees on the topic:

Thanks for starting this great site!
HI, Dan,
It sounds like you are doing terrific work in your district. As a parent and taxpayer, I like that you make your documents available to the public. Can parents make comments on what you have posted or make other suggestions?
Will you be at CoSN next week in Austin?
Sadly, I am not planning on going to CoSN this year... bad budget cuts around here. I do run a blog where folks comment. Our Educational Technology Advisory Committee requires parent members and I get quite a bit of good input there as well.
Please join the "Global Lean"

blog at

Give the world a voice in a joyful celebration of diversity!

Thanks! Peggy Sheehy
I teach reading and writing to students who passed the high-stakes exams but never made reading and writing their own--not an unusual phenomenon. I am a toe-dipper in the cyber-sea, would like to learn to swim in it. I know I need to meet my students there. Thank you all for generously sharing your ideas--I'm already learning from you.
Hi, I'm Karenne - I currently live in Germany but am originally from Grenada in the Caribbean.

I teach adult language learners, train teachers on using new media and technology in the classrooms and run workshops on teaching fluency/student-centered issues; write a couple of blogs and run a website.

In my other life I was a juggler.

Glad to have found this group!

Laurie Pickup I am a schoolteacher from Spring Branch ISD near Houston, Texas. I teach middle school. this website is really interesting.
I'm a middle school teacher from the Space Coast in Florida. New to the whole 2.0 thing and looking to see what's out there and how I can use it.
Hello from Osaka, Japan! I am a Canadian, long term resident of Japan who is interested in using web 2.0 tools to assist in ELL and foster international communication.



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