Has anyone set up an RSS reader for current events assignment?

Instead of a standard HS student response to this project, ie a random Google search 10 minutes before it is due, they may show more of an interest in it. My thinking is that it allows you to more control of the sources and you could go cross-curriculum. Science sources, Foreign Language sources, blogs, etc.

I'd love to use Google Reader, but you get a Gmail account and giving kids unrestricted anonymous email won't really work. Bloglines is blocked. Newsgator or some other resource maybe???

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I would love it if you would check out my website SEEdebate.org. We are a free tool for teachers where your students discuss current events online with other students around the country (and hopefully around the world very soon!). And we do have an rss feed option...
Is this Serendipity or what?
I had just logged on, and I saw your forum request as I was posting my updated public N2Teaching Science Pageflake. Since this pageflake is public, you don't have to sign in. You can check out my RSS feeds, use them, or develop your own set.
Many teachers, like Mr. Barkin are using public Pageflakes for their websites, online classrooms, etc. Check it out.
Chris, you can try getting rss feeds from searches in Technorati. You can search specific tags there, and then set up feeds to gather hits into your aggregator. Yahoo news searches are rss-enabled, as are Blogpulse (which can give you very cool graphics of current buzz), Live Search and Feedster.

Also, you might try this as a work-around of the del.icio.us blockade: set up a public pageflakes (or other aggregator for your students to view), and in that aggregator subscribe to your choice of del.icio.us tags (or flickr tags, or whatever) as well as subscribe to your searches. Even if your school is blocking del.icio.us, they will probably still slip in via your aggregator. I'm in Turkey, where Wordpress is banned, but I can still get WP blog posts in my aggregator. Worth a try...
Like some have already said, you could try netvibes. I set up a public page for my students to research current events in biology. Here is my page: http://www.netvibes.com/wilsonsbiologylab



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