I teach "educational technologies" in a classroom composed of teacher... It's very difficult because they lack in computer knowledge, so I'm searching to propose the web 2.0 stuff as simplier as possible.

I'd like to know from your experience how you apply collaborative methodologies in order to explain how to use educational applications throught a "laerning by doing".

At this moment, I thought only activities that use the "Learning together" proposed by Johnson & Johnson. It's difficult to apply other methodologies like Jigsaw and similar in a single lesson.

What is your experience? Thank you!

I'm sorry for my poor english. I'm italian and I'm still studying english!

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Wow, I am italian and don't know a word, but would love to share this with you. I have a site devoted to web 2.0. http://web20guru.us . Feel free to use any resources located there. I have a page devoted to best practice 2.0. it's might give you a bit of help.
Thank you veru much!

Your site is very interesting...

se ya!
I'm bumping this topic because I have a new doubt...

I'm reading "Designing Groupwork", a good book written by E. Cohen about cooperative learning in a face-to-face context.

In her words, it's clear that one of the most important thing in carrying out group activites is set a role for each student.

I'm trying to imagine an assignment where my students have to create a presentation using the SlideRocket tool (a sort of online PowerPoint). Can someone show me an example to understand which roles can be used in a similar situation in order to promote an effective work of everyone? My lessons are face-to-face but I want to create cooperative groups that use the online tool and share their competences in order to learn the web 2.0 technologies by doing an amazing activity.

Which roles can I attribute to attain a similar task?

thank you very much! ;-)



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