Our schools are using both the "Everyday Math" and "Investigations" math programs with elementary students, both of which are constructivist in nature. A major complaint of parents with these programs is that students don't receive enough traditional practice in order to build automaticity of basic skills.

My question is this: What kinds of complementary math materials do you use with your students?

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Hi Donna,
I created an Everyday math website for grades K-6 for my school district. Teachers use it as a resource for students and parents to work on math concepts inside and outside of the classroom. I have it broken down by units. Please feel free to use it for your class.
Go to http://schools.u-46.org/index.pl?iid=2990 and click on the grade level you teach. You see the grade levels with the blue background.
I hope this helps.
Greg, this is wonderful. Would you mind if I shared this with my parents on my wiki? Thanks,
Please share this with everyone. I made this website to help kids!
A BIG thank you! Your site is so well organized and I will be sharing it with colleagues at an upcoming faculty meeting. I appreciate your willingness to share your hard work.
Thank you for sharing, Greg. I would also like to share this with my faculty! :) Donna
Greg - fantastic resource! I just tweeted this and it's getting lots of attention. What is crazy is my school paid over $1000 for a online suite from Everyday math and it's painful - boring, clumsy, not related to skills, often inappropriate lessons for the grade it is mention. Bravo to you for this well thought out effort and it'll be one of your legacies for sure. Thanks again! Mike
Wow, great site! I am in the process of using Flash to create animated tutorials for my Math For Elementary Teachers course. I have my 12 year old son creating all the artwork for me (he taught himself Fireworks)
Thanks for sharing the website you created. It will be very useful!

I can't wait to share your site with my building and district. What a great way to organize your links. It is very easy to find a specific resource to go with the Everyday Math lessons.
Hi Greg,

I checked out the website you created for Everyday Math. It is a wonderful resource. I can't wait to share it with my colleagues. I like the way you organized it by grade level and units. We've had complaints about Everyday Math-not enough of the basics. I've been looking around the internet for games and activities I could do with my students and share with parents. Your website has everything!

Fran :-)
Greg, wow, what a great site for students to use to work on their math skills. As an preservice educator, it is always exciting and helpful to find great sites that I can use with my students in my clinicals! Thanks for sharing.
Hey, Donna,

Don't know if you'll find anything you can use but I've been using friend Jay Pfaffman's "Webliographer" to maintain links to free online resources in every topic my K-4 department accesses. This has become my computer lab's start page, and it's freely available at http://usn.webliographer.com/USN/lower/ for everyone. There's a substantial Math topic you can click on to see all the Math links--just click "more..."

Hope that helps!



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