Hello everyone,
I wanted to invite you all to have a listen to the A.T.TIPSCAST, Assistive Technology: Tools In Public Schools.
It is a podcast that has at least one technology tip per episode that can be used to support students who are struggling in school. Each episode is approximately 5-10 minutes in length and I try to make it at least a little bit entertaining. The show is available for free from iTunes but you can also listen to the episodes directly from the following link: http://www.cyberears.com/index.php/Show/audio/5222
I'd love you to check it out and give any feedback you might have.
The compendium blog can be found at

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Hey Lynn,
Have you had a chance to listen? Any feedback?
Thanks so much!
Hi Chris-
I had the opportunity to take an 8 hour drive this weekend, and a friend thoughtfully provided me with CDs containing Season 1 and Season 2 of A.T. TIPSCAST. I was hooked for two hours, the approximate running time of the 20 tips contained on the two CDs, nearly running out of gas in the Poconos because I was so focussed on the entertaining and informative tips, offered in bite-sized samples with just the right blend of practical information and fun. I can't wait until season 3! Have you considered offering these tips in the CD format I was given to allow individuals on long commutes the opportunity to listen and learn while they drive?
Looking forward to hearing from you!
I'm so glad that you enjoyed the podcast! One of the future plans for the podcast is to create a few .pdf files containing questions about the podcast. I'm hoping to make it in such a way that someone could easily print it and insert into the front of a CD cover. Then, a district could use the ATTIPSCAST as a staff development initiative. That is, a district could burn disks and distribute. When teachers turn the disks back in with the questions answered they could get staff development credit. Teachers never have enough time and staff development after school is always hard because of other responsibilities. Listening to the podcast during your morning or afternoon commute would give, like you said, 2+ hours of staff development credit right there in the car!
Thanks for listening. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!
That's awesome! Please let me know whan and where I can sign up!
You got it Judie!
I'll be in touch!



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