Looks like Google is at it again w/ their version Wikipedia known as Knol. It seems to have some interesting ideas/concepts that answers a lot of short comings of Wikipedia.


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Although it seems unlikely that it will ever achieve the scope of wikipedia (?), Google's Knol offers one important difference from wikipedia: the articles in Knol are attributed, and changes to those articles are moderated by the author. There can be competing articles on a given topic, each attributed to a specific author (or a group of authors working in collaboration). You can learn more in the Help section of knol.google.com.

Since I am obsessed with Aesop's fables (I teach mythology and folklore courses, and also Latin), I felt compelled to contribute an article about Aesop along with an article about a typical fable, The Boy Who Cried Wolf. The articles are listed here - each author creates a profile page to establish their credentials, and then the articles you contribute are listed down the side in the right-hand column: Knol Author Page.

I personally find wikipedia to a great resource, but I know there are many teachers and professors who feel differently, and even forbid their students from using wikipedia. Well, here is a great opportunity to provide an online alternative to wikipedia - and my idealistic sense says that everybody has something of value to contribute! I know that what I can contribute here is material related to Aesop and Aesop's fables. I would urge everybody who also has a sense of what they want to contribute to log on and write an article. The interface is easy to use (you can insert links, images, etc.). By sharing our efforts at this nice new online resource, teachers can definitely make a positive contribution to educational resources available to our students online.

What do people think is going to happen with Google's Knol? What would you LIKE to see happen with the Knol?
Thanks for the in-depth analysis of Knol. I really like the author page and the fact that it does seem to account for validation a lot better then Wikipedia.

I guess it's hard to tell w/ Knol being so new if it will ever really challenge Wikipedia but it does seem to have a solid foundation to build from.
I just wrote another article and it is FUN. The interface over at wikipedia was always a bit more intimidating; this interface feels just like when you write a blog entry for Google's Blogger.com service (of which I am also a big fan). You could log on and write an article about your school! I think it would be so cool for kids to be able to see an article about their school featured in the Google encyclopedia! :-)



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