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Hi everyone, I wanted to share my new wiki resource for educators and students. It has been a mission of mine to build a resource that is easy to use while providing some of the most effective, coolest, free, and fun Web 2.0 educational applications. I just love what Web 2.0 is doing for teaching and can't find a better way to help my colleagues than put all of my resources, integration strategies, standards and more in one little package. I hope you find it useful. Feel free to use as needed and suggest additions or comment on what works or doesn't work for you. I just love this network and enjoy sharing my tips and tricks to help life as teachers a little easier, as if it ever gets any easier!! :) This is the link.
Thanks for letting me share!

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Thanks for sharing your wiki. I noticed that it is protected so I asked to join. I think you created a very helpful page especially for newbies like me. Everyone loves tips and tricks!

I checked out you wiki. Great job! You may be interested in the film series, Adina's Deck ( ) which is perfect for the increasingly more tech-savvy middle school students. The films are short, entertaining and extremely "watchable" and are educational for kids, teachers and parents. Episode 1, the cyber bully pilot episode, won best student film at the International Family Film Festival. Episode 2 is the Case of the Online Crush, and touches on the dangers of online predators. Episode 3 in the Case of the Plagiarized Paper the deals with the consequences of cheating. The writers, directors, and lead cast members participate in live discussions when they have attended dozens school assemblies and film festivals. They are booked to appear at many more locations this school year. Like in Episode 1, the story-lines of Episodes 2 and 3 create a lot of "who-done-it" suspense, with plot twists that are sure to promote a lot of discussion on these real, timely topics.
The students really get into the discussion topics, and want to know what the characters will do next. Adina's Deck is a valuable and socially important tool.
Wow what a awesome tool!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!
Thank you for your sharing.
Great wiki Cheryl.
Thanks for sharing. I love free and open source software. I have added your wiki to our 'Useful Wiki Sites' page. You might also be interested in sharing your blog details on the International Edubloggers Directory!
Nice work, I appreciate the passion you have for finding and sharing best practices!
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