I would like to meet other teachers that are currently involved in teaching music to the special education sutdent.
I feel that there isn't enough literature and resources that will facilitate the successful teaching of music to this diversed population. I probably should discribe a typical day and in general the population that I see on a day to day basis. As we all know, the number of students in our classes will not go over 12 students per class @ 7 - 8 30 minuets periods a day. However this can sometimes be a bit to handle, knowing that there are 12 different behavioral personalities vying for prominance.

The curriculum paralles that of regular ed, but there is sometimes very little time to accomplish the set goal.

Is there anyone how would like to share a music unit that will captivate a divers class of these kinds of students?

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Are you familiar with the KinderMusic program? I just recall my own kids doing things like building a musical staff that they could walk through on the ground -ie, making some of the 2-D instruction 3-D. While the program is geared for younger kids, I think some of the ideas in how to help kids learn musical notation and concepts were very cleverly done, and might engage older kids who excel in kinesthetic learning! Just a thought - !



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