I need help with a research I'm doing for uni. Please help fill in the attached questionnaire if you can. I appreciate it if you can help. And also dicussion of this topic is most appreciated, please feel free to do so.

Also, for the questionnaire, you don't have to be living in Australia to do the questionnaire. Just skip Q's 11, 13 & 14 and put in Q12 what country you are from instead.

Personally, I believe being bilingual is useful, but sometimes I get confused with when I'm speaking Mandarin to one person and then I have to switch to Cantonese, switching back and forth so many times, makes me confused in what language I should be speaking. But most of the time it's okay, because I don't do the switching all time.

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Hi Kathy, how do I do that? To be honest I've never heard of this before.
hi susan

please find my reply attached
Thanks for helping.

I'm not sure if this works, but please click on th link above to participate and fill in the questionnaire. Thanks.

Thanks Kathy for helping me with this option.

You could also consider using Survey Monkey http://www.surveymonkey.com/

It could help to collate the data collected as well.
Peal and Lambert (1962) concluded, after finding in their study that bilinguals were better academically at school compared to monolinguals, that bilinguals weren't at a disadvantage in intelligence. And also wrote:

"It is impossible to state from the present study whether the more intelligent child became bilingual or whether bilingualism aided his intellectual development."

Which one do you think it is? Is it the intelligence that aids in bilingualism? or Is it the bilingualism that aids in intelligence? Is there any reason to why you think it is that one?
hi susan,
i'll answer this when i get some free time. i'm in australia. ta. viviana.
Hi Susan, this is most welcome opportunity to voice out some of the things you cover in the survey. I agree with Kathy that it would make it a lot more simpler if you turn the questionnaire into a shared form. However I was so eager to answer that I went ahead and worked the one you originally attached... and missed seeing the link you later created.=( Must say it looks and works much better that the former; but, since I had already blundered and taken up some time to do it, here it goes.

I know some people are using Google Forms for multiple choice type tests. How do you know who is submitting responses?
How do you keep track of students responses?



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