Hi everyone!

We have an online community, EFL Classroom 2.0, for students and teachers of EFL / ESL (Learners of English). Lots to do there but I am also a big proponent of Voice 2.0 technology and would like to have an integrated voice chat room for members.

Does anyone know of any "affordable" options? I love Elluminate but, it is just too expensive (and I don't think they'll sponsor us, like here, either. ) . Also I think, a little confusing for users. I would like something which just needs a click, you enter and then you check your mic and start speaking. Yackpack used to work but I find it is just too confusing but I might look there again.

what kind of options do you think I should consider. Any help/thoughts appreciated.


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Hi David,
The virtual classroom that works best for me is DiscoverE. http://www.compued.com.au/ Features include voice and text chat, a whiteboard, synchronized browsing and an option for video. DiscoverE works well on slow and high speed connections. It is very easy to use. I've used it with students as young as 4. Web meetings can be recorded and uploaded on your school server or archived on a computer or CD.
A couple other options that I've used are Flashmeeting http://flashmeeting.open.ac.uk/ and Elluminate where they have a free three seat option.
you can try www.Fantaziachat.com they have lobbies video and voice chat private rooms and can add lobbies for you as well.
Hi David,

I set up a a voice chat room for you to try. After you use it, I think you will agree it is the best voice chat platform available.on the internet. Please let me know if you have any questions. Students and Teachers may voice chat for free at www.foreign-language-teachers.com.



We are an online portal for Language Education. We offer a free membership and provide voice chat technology to Foreign Language Schools, Teachers, and Students. Learn, teach, or practice speaking a foreign language in our Voice Chat Virtual Classrooms. Members may create a personal website or online resume, post to our Foreign Language Blog, add language education links to our website, participate in our Forums, voice chat live online, and we also offer affordable voice chat virtual classroom rentals.
I highly recommend you look at WiZiQ's Virtual Classroom.
How about this? http://www.twiddla.com/
Twiddla is free, very easy to use, no-setup, web-based meeting playground. The site also supports voicechat.
Hi ,
What about Twiddla? tried that but cannot find a way of uploading PPT. Is there one?
What about sound quality..how´s that?
Tried DIMDIM.... perfect, but sound delivery is poor.
Try www.wiziq.com it´s easy to use, free and very good sound delivery.

Yes you can. Select "Documents" from the bottom line and then from the right down corner "Browse" and find your ppt file. Twiddla is web based, just click and use, there is also cobrowsing, almost perfect ;-)
- Scribblar http://www.scribblar.com is almost the same (better?) but without cobrowsing.
- Need just video chat? Look at one click Ubiqq, http://www.ubiqq.com/
I´ll give that a try..
The best and most affordable option out there is found here http://try.nefsis.com Many, many educators are using this for their classroom, and across the country communication as well. You can get a free trial or a free demo, to teach you how simple and easy it is to use. Hope this helps
Has anyone tried setting up a ustream.tv account? I think it is amazing for broadcasting say from a conference but just a little stuck on the finer details of managing my account. Any ideas?
Another site that a friend of mine uses is Adobe ConnectNow its free and not blocked on our network.
Use screen sharing, chat, notes, audio, and video to conduct meetings online that can be as interactive and productive as in-person meetings with up to three participants.
Use any platform and any browser with no special downloads necessary to join the meeting — all you need is free and ubiquitous Adobe® Flash® Player.



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