I've started an eLearning wiki. It's located at: http://elearningaustralia.wetpaint.com . I would love it if you could come check it out and contribute to it!!

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Hi Talia,

I'm experimenting with a Stonemasonry wiki for my teaching practice at SkillsTech Australia. My aim is to have a place to answer some of the common questions about training that I struggle (time-wise) to answer.
hello friends,

i have to write a wiki project in group on a subject. i am quite green to it, actually. could you please give me any ideas or direct me to some how-to resources for it?


I like the website/wiki you have set up. My question to you is, do you pay for the website? There are no advertisements on it and most wetpaint sites I have seen have advertisements on them because they are free. Thanks for your time.

Mel J. Janousek
Hi Mel (sorry for the REALLY LATE reply!)

There aren't any adds on it because I don't like adds, and I'm trying to make the information free and available to all...
I got them removed because it's associated with education. I think I just applied for them to be removed (explained what school/tafe/rto I'm associated with etc), and then they remove them if you're approved!



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