How are you using YouTube/Teacher Tube with your classroom?

We have started using You Tube and Teacher Tube in our K-12 classrooms for a variety of activities including (but not limited to) political science commercials, commercial spoofs and so on. We will be presenting at a tech conference at the end of April and am looking for other ways that you are using. Credit will definitely be given!
Here are links to our district HAL You Tube and Teacher Tube pages. Thanks for sharing!

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i use both a place to host my podcasts as well as embedding instructional podcasts others have done omy wiki page.
My district blocks YouTube and imbedded YouTube videos. I think this is a common problem for many teachers.
Have you tried using Teacher Tube?
Not yet. If it works, it will be cool, but its not the same as actually having access to the full-blown YouTube.
You are definitely correct. Especially with the new Flip cameras and iMovie 08 going directly to YouTube, it would almost be nice if YouTube could purchase Teacher Tube and then you could choose which one you want to go to. And they could add a layer to Google Earth. If only...
That is why we teach our teachers to grab the videos and store locally. We love the free conversion sites like . Teachers can access the videos from home or when the school filter is off - then convert them and store locally.
Great point!
I like the idea of 'political commercials and commercial spoofs', I think its very important in this day in age to teach kids at an early age to be media conscious. I am sure on YouTube you can find some news reports or media coverage on a certain topic that is overtly bias or misconstruding the facts.

Teach kids how to be media aware and we can create a better future for everyone.

Good post
Hello, Josh! I have a great resource that will probably be a help to you. I have emailed you details to the email account you list on your page.

I look forward to hearing from you!
I use YouTube for Stop-Motion examples - there are several great ones there! Everything from Lego music videos (the re-creation of "Summer Lovin" from Grease is a hoot!), Brown & Purple (clay animation, kids relate well to them because they are on Nickelodeon), and actual people as the characters in their own stop-motion videos. There are several videos that are good for showing long shot, close up, emotion, placement, etc - the Ikea lamp commercial is one of my all time favorities. There are several really good tutorials there as well - I use them mainly for my digital communications class. The last one I used was when a student wanted to use the green screen. I hadn't used chroma key for over a year, so we just pulled up a video and watched it.
My district blocks YouTube, but those teachers who use it in their curriculum can get it unblocked. The German teachers uses it for authentic German experiences in her classroom. TeacherTube is not blocked for anyone. Teacher Tube I use for several introductory lessons and lesson extensions, but I admit I haven't used it as much as YouTube.
Here is a work around. You can download the youtube you wish with the you tube downloader. Convert it to a windows media player file. Then you can upload it to a wiki page. If it is seen as a wmp file is will likelynot be blocked.
Tube TV is the "Mac" version that we've used in the district to create a file from the URL, but I hadn't heard of the YouTube downloader. Thanks!



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