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The most common parental request after conferences is wanting to know when their child has not turned in an assignment or when their child's grade in class drops below a certain percentage. Lately I've been sending out emails one at a time, but does anyone know of way to automate this process.

Quite simply does anyone know of a grading software that will auto-notify parents through email when either of these two conditions are met?

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It's not quite what you want, but Engrade.com will e-mail parents the latest results once per week.
I do not have any suggestions but I am leaving a reply here because I am VERY curious if software like this is available. I'm leaving this reply so I'll get notifications for additional replies posted here.

I think that is a great question, and it is staggering to me that the course management software we use at my school has no notifications - not for discussion board postings, or new announcements, or grading - NOTHING. It would really benefit from having an email/RSS notifications system built-in (which would be not hard to do), but it has nothing. If I can find out about software that does do this, I can submit it to our IT department as a feature request for the cms.



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