I've searched long and hard. I am trying to find a blogging tool that does NOT require students to have an email to sign up. Is there one out there? Blogger requires a Google Account. Edublogs requires a student email address just to get a username. 21classes requires email, Wordpress requires email.... are there ANY that don't require email??

I'd like to get more teachers at my school blogging with their kids, and they're definitely interested. BUT the initial setup time is frustrating to those without a lot of tech skills and then they don't want to try anymore. They're throwing in the towel before they even begin.

Anyone have suggestions on efficient blog setup?

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Yes, and Edublogs used Wordpress MU. If you host Wordpress MU yourself (and it's difficult to set up), you can also use fake email addresses as described above. It also gives you a lot of other controls that are nice too.
Yes, yes...we can put phony email addresses in where emails are required, and that is what we have done in my district. However, I resent having to do so.

Why don't "we" (education policy-makers, education lawyers, IT depts) just give the kids email? In college they will be submitting assignments with email, and communicating with their professors. The irony of course is that kids hardly use email anymore, but IM, text, or use Facebook to communicate instead.

We are still having a debate about "allowing" students to use what they see as a deprecated communications channel. The irony is supreme. Do we realize how ridiculous "we" look?
I use Blogger, set up to allow comments. The students respond as "anonymous" but at the bottom of their post, they put their "namecode" - that is, the first 2 letters of their first name and first 2 letters of their second name. This works for me in my small school. You could use additional coding for bigger classes, as in SuBr7LA meaning Sue Brown in your Grade 7 Language Arts class. The trick is getting them to remember to put their name!

This may not help you for your needs but it works for me.



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