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Ginger Lewman's Discussions

Virtual Programs and "attendance"

Started this discussion. Last reply by Evaggelos Dec 19, 2010. 7 Replies

Embed UStream channel into wiki?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Ginger Lewman Jan 12, 2008. 2 Replies

Middle School Presidential Campaign Trail Collab.

Started this discussion. Last reply by Vincent Mespoulet Jan 12, 2008. 12 Replies


Welcome to Ginger's page and the random thoughts contained within...

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Director On-Site Services
About Me
I work at a newer charter school, grades K-8, and am trying to help my kids learn how to learn through 2.0 tools, as well as the 16 Habits of Mind by Art Costa.

Otherwise, I'm developing a love for exercise and of course I'm a terrier-girl, through and through.

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I've been learning so much by being a partipating member of this Network! Many thanks go out to Steve Hargadon for putting this thing together and sending it out to take on wings of its own. It is precisely what I need in continuing to shape the educational opportunities for my students. I'm now in love with the following podcasts on iTunes:

Driving Questions--Kevin Honeycutt
Discourse about Discourse--Ben Wilkoff
Moving at the Speed of Creativity--Wesley Fryer
November Learning Podcast Series--Alan November
Connect Learning--David Warlick
21st Century Learning--Patrick Faverty
and from the LONE women on the list:
Tech Chick Tips--2 women from Texas

All of them have terrific ideas for making one pause for reflection. I hope you do decide to listen to them!

Oh my goodness! It's finally happened. I'm trying out my own voice:

Finally, here are my own Twitters:

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Ginger Lewman's Blog

It's been a looong time, CR2.0!

Posted on May 13, 2008 at 4:11pm 1 Comment

So it's been well over a year that I've been on this network and my life has changed dramatically in that time. In fact, as a launching point, I should give CR2.0 the full credit it deserves.

I know that the network catches grief about how the conversations here never change, and as I come back and look again at some of them, I think I may tend to agree. But that's ok!! I've been launched into another, different world that seems to fit me, but there are more and more teachers coming… Continue

blogging/podcasting = lecturing in a new format?

Posted on July 30, 2007 at 7:14pm 5 Comments

A good buddy of mine is a prodigous podcaster. He's also very involved in this network. He's also one of my favorite mentors in the W2.0 world. He's shared all sorts of ideas and fueled fires for not only my my thinking, but also for my students. Recently, he's asked me to begin a podcast. I've got a podcast going for my students to show their… Continue

Open letter to MACE/MTI Conferees

Posted on July 26, 2007 at 2:03pm 1 Comment

Ok, so if you were in my presentation Project Based Learning: Portals into the 21st Century, you know that we barely scratched the surface in the information. Congratulations for being a member of CR2.0 and thank you SO much for finding this blog! I hope you find this network as useful as I have! It has literally changed my educational life, which I thought was pretty darn good to begin with!

There were some questions you all wanted me to answer, and I didn't really get a chance… Continue

forgotten population?

Posted on July 11, 2007 at 9:16pm 2 Comments

So I'm looking over the Kansas Children's Service League site tonite perusing the photos and descriptions of kids who are needing adoption. I used to work in a boys' home, teaching day school and generally getting a TERRIFIC education about the "system."

What I'm noticing is nearly every single one of the kids cite their favorite classes as PE, Art, Computer, or some other physically active class. A scattered few say math or science.… Continue

virtual field trips

Posted on July 7, 2007 at 6:25am 3 Comments

Virtual field trips, aka "outsourcing" or hiring another class (or group of students) to take a field trip to learn about particular content, and reporting back their learning and the learning your class requested from them: this concept is heavily on my mind. Students could photo, video, blog, wiki, or otherwise archive the experience so that literally anyone from across the world could have access to that exact same field trip! Talk about an engaging and memorable experience for all involved?… Continue

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At 12:34pm on December 19, 2010, Evaggelos said…

Hello Ginger,


I just saw your post about Virtual Programs and Attendance. I am sorry I missed your post and I hope it's not too late to let you know that our company, Online School Records, is in the final stages of crafting such and online application. Let me know if you are interested in piloting this application. It will be free for you because of the input that you will provide.

Let me know if you are interested by contacting me either by email, or by calling me at (914) 861-5050. Sincerely,


At 7:16pm on January 31, 2009, Jack said…
Hi Ginger. I was wondering if you have students or educator friends who would be interested in participating in a nationwide SAT Vocab Video Contest @ MIT university. You can view contest details at Please let me know. Thanks!
At 5:05pm on December 17, 2008, Mark Cruthers said…
Hi Ginger,

With your interest in web 2.0 tools I recommend you take a look at Wiziq's virtual classroom and authorstream's power point presentation platform. Both are web based, have a bunch of features and free basic service.
At 7:28pm on November 22, 2008, Govinda Prasad Panthy said…
Dear Lewman, I'm new to this site. It's wonderful as i know. as u are online now can we chat in skype govinda.prasad panty or msn plz. add me i'm here online now
At 10:09am on February 10, 2008, Andrew said…
Thanks for your response, Ginger. Part of my post was tongue-in-cheek and, hopefully, that came through. I was thinking exactly what you said--using wikis to archive learning for bigger projects--then you said (wrote) it .

I haven't seen anything other than "plain, informational wiki's" and, while I have decent technology skill sets (I can code a bit and set up networks/databases) the supposed "ease" of wikis is lost on me. I create one page and then think "now what?". Still working it out...I appreciate your insight. I'm going to get a Music Technology Wiki going with an 8th grade class of mine before the year is out. ONCE I learn from all of you wiki veterans. :)ATG
At 11:25am on December 10, 2007, Connie Weber said…
Hi Ginger,
Do you have a network I could sign in on with my class, to "tour around" and see what's happening? These are fourth and fifth graders. They'll be responsible and respectful. I'd like to have them see what you're doing with technology, and especially with global collaboration. Would you be ok with my using a class signin "Connie Weber's Class" to do this?
Let me know what you think, or any questions you may have.
At 8:55pm on November 29, 2007, Shawn Jackson said…
Yep that's Dean.
At 8:13pm on November 29, 2007, Shawn Jackson said…
I can use all the help I can get. I want to figure a way to match what we are doing with the Kansas State school Standards. The way I am doing it know is Having the kids reteach the class what they have learnded keeping a record of it and trying to match things up. Ways to assess what they have learned would help. Just anything. I'm just taking what you inspired me to do and putting it to the test. What I learned about PBL I learned in that hour or so I spent with you. THANKS.
At 4:44pm on November 29, 2007, Shawn Jackson said…
here's what I added to my blog.
WOW!!!! PROJECT BASED LEARNING ROCKS. We had our first project based lesson and I don't know why we teach any other way. I had to make them leave the class room they were so involved. AND GET THIS, this was the first time EVER not one child asked me "Mr. Jackson can we have free time and go on the internet before the end of class?" It's like a constant chant I here over and over and over all during computer class I have nightmares about it. Anyway, these kids worked until I forced them out of the class.
So I'm sure you want to know well did they learn any thing? When class started I showed them how to use the help in word 2003. A few weeks prior we learnded internet search techniques (finding filetype:, intitle:, using "", and a few others.) The week before we looked at the "DID YOU KNOW" video ---THANKS Sylvia Martinez --- You guys can look it up on you tube. As a class, we discussed it and began talking about how to get their parents involed. Our goal is to produce a letter that they can give to there parents. The core was to start networking, find out who can help us and if not do they know someone who can.
The first assignment was
1. Break up into groups of 3 or 4, and list your names and grade below.
a. ____________________________________
b. _____________________________________
c. _____________________________________
d. _____________________________________
2. Each of you will choose a job to fulfill. All of you will give input on the letter.
a. Researcher, this person will have to lookup things on the internet or in microsoft word help. If your team doesn't know how to do it you put your research skills to work and figure it out.
i. _________________________________
b. This person will do the typingand work close with the designer.
i. _________________________________
c. Designer, this person will have to decide what style the letter will be in and if or not to add clip art ect.
i. ___________________________________
d. 2nd researcher if needed looked up statistics on the benefits of computers in the class room and whatever else researcher 1 coulnd get to.
i. ___________________________________
3. Explain how you contributed to the team effort.
a. Researcher 1 what did you lookup on the internet or in Microsoft word help? How did you use this information?

b. Designer what did you add to improve your letter (photos, clipart, or templates)? Where did you find it? And why did you choose it?

c. Typist was spell check helpful? How helpful where the changes your designer made? What did you learn form your researchers?

4. Explain how you contributed to the team effort.
a. Researcher 2 what did you lookup on the internet or in Microsoft word help?After the "DID YOU KNOW" video We had came up with a general outline that had to be in the parent letter. So everyone on the team had to contribute some extra information to add into the letter and present it to the typist.

The first 5 or 10 min of class they asked me how do I do this or how do I do that. And I just directed them to there researcher. They taught themselves intermedate and advanced word skills in the process. Next week before we get started, each team will select someone to reteach a few skills they learned in Word. I will keep u posted please give me any advise you may have. The ship has sailed from here we sink or swim. Thanks guys for all of your help
At 1:01pm on October 30, 2007, Rich White said…
Greetings! .. From Kansas !


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