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Two easy ways for educators and students to start a blog (for free)

It’s really easy to get started blogging – here’s two different ways to get up and running with a quality blog site quickly.

With the start of the new school year many teachers, administrators, and students will be thinking about finally starting that blog they’ve been considering. I promised in last week’s…


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John Wooden's Corner

This was originally posted on The Freshman Transition Network.
John Wooden - the man, his accomplishments, his life, and his legacy - is a gift to teachers trying to help students reach their full potential. By bringing John Wooden into the classroom teachers will have an amazing opportunity to give your students glimpses into the type of character and virtues that need to be present in their lives. For that matter, students can… Continue

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Ten Commandments for Teachers on the Web

To prevent good teachers and other public figures from making bad posts,

I have created the following list. I hope it helps!

(Note: multiply the cautious attitude of this list by ten if you an un-tenured teacher.)

1. Thou shalt never publish anything you wouldn’t show your…


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Seven Secrets of How to Study

According to Indiana University the average American student only studies 3 hours each week. That amounts to 20 minutes a day. A total of 60,000 students responded to this study skills survey. Each year thousands of students enter college thinking they can use high school study habits and easily sail through a college degree. They have a rude awaking when they discover success in college requires a minimum of three to five hours studying each day. Some students say studying the night before… Continue

Added by Dr. Stephen Jones on August 19, 2010 at 4:33pm — 1 Comment

3D Classroom - Lessons that Come to Life

10-year-old TIME For Kids Reporter Brennan LaBrie writes about his visit in April to an elementary school 3D Classroom in Dallas, Texas. Read Article…


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A Hero Has Died, Let's Learn From His Life - John Wooden

This was originally posted on The Freshman Transition Network.
What an amazing man. What an amazing life. What an amazing example to our young people.

John Wooden, the legendary Wizard of Westwood, died today, June 4, 2010. He was born in 1910, and in his 99 years on earth he found his purpose, lived it to the fullest, and left a lasting…

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Must-see sessions and more at EduComm 2010

EduComm 2010

This June in Las Vegas, EduComm brings together top

thought leaders, innovators, and speakers to present, discuss, and navigate the

unprecedented challenges and opportunities shaping the future of higher



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The No-Go Podium

Let's get right to it: most designs for classroom technology are based on a 20-year old paradigm of furniture, cables and pipes (and lots of equipment). While continuing to

replicate these dinosaurs may serve to ensure job security (for now), this

model requires heavy infrastructure that

adds cost and locks the room into a rigid floorplan that does not support

progressive teaching and learning practice.

This week, Joe Schuch delivers…


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DIY Interactive classroom Whiteboard for less than $100 (Chapter2)

Edited by: Ronnie Ji


Please let me know if you want to use anything in this post.

Required software list:

iWiiBoard (Current version: Pro V4.0) $29.99

Interactive whiteboard software


Use built-in automated Wiimote connect to search and connect your Wiimote

1. Click Wiimote search… Continue

Added by Ronnie Ji on March 28, 2010 at 4:13am — No Comments

Assessment FOR Learning - Don't confuse it for a specific strategy

This was originally posted on Assessment FOR Learning.

When faced with a new concept it is natural and necessary to attach meaning to that concept. Sometimes when we find an understandable example of that concept we begin to confuse that idea for the concept itself. As Salem High School and the City of Salem Schools strive to… Continue

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Barriers to technology integration: Hello! It's NOT always the teacher!

I recently posted about a classroom teacher's story about barriers to technology integration in her history class, a "classroom for the future" From my post, you can link directly to the teacher's M.Ed. thesis, which provides a good first-person insight about the barriers she faced in her attempts to effectively integrate a rich assortment of technology in her classroom.

Here is just one the examples from the…

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PART TWO - Use Music to Inspire and Connect with Students

This post was originally on The Freshman Transition Network.

Recently I posted about ways to use music in the classroom and a list of specific songs that can be used. This post is a follow up to that earlier… Continue

Added by Scott Habeeb on March 19, 2010 at 9:38am — 4 Comments

Needed: New Expectations

If you were to make a graph of the appropriate closeness of a teacher to a student, it would be inversely proportionate to the academic abilities of the student. Therefore, the more academically capable the student, the more relational distance to their teacher. This could be partially due to the number of students in general education classes, versus a resource room versus a student in a one-on-one situation.

Consider how much a teacher knows about a student's family of home life. The… Continue

Added by Joe B. on March 12, 2010 at 1:15pm — 4 Comments

Hurry Up and Wait!!

Waiting is a horrible trick that the invinter of time does to us all. It is Thursday morning and tomorrow is my last day as a Special Education Paraeducator. On Monday I start my student teaching internship, and in June I will be graduated with my MA ED in Special Education. It has been a long four years, but it has gone by quickly; from finishing my undergrad degree at Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA to… Continue

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Guidelines for using Ning in a school setting

This post was originally posted on The Freshman Transition Network.


Added by Scott Habeeb on February 16, 2010 at 6:00pm — 4 Comments

A Three-Dimensional Model for Understanding Student Disruptive Behavior: Part Two, The Intrapersonal Approach

A Three-Dimensional Model for Understanding Student Disruptive Behavior: Part Two, The Intrapersonal Approach*

The intrapersonal approach, the second dimension to understanding student disruptive behavior, is quite different from the group and community building perspective. It focuses on how individual students process information, and control and manage their own cognitions, emotions and behavior. According to the intrapersonal approach, the irresponsible behavior of… Continue

Added by Richard D. Solomon, Ph.D. on January 27, 2010 at 7:53am — No Comments

Classroom Scene: Making New Year' Resolution

So what in your New Year’s resolutions? Hopefully, it will be study hard and learn to value all the teachings and knowledge you are gathering in your school.

I can see now the scenario in most classrooms; it could be that the teachers and advisers are letting students to some essays and reflection in their New Years’ hopes and promises.

For students, as well as teachers, the first few weeks after winter break are… Continue

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DIY Interactive classroom Whiteboard for less than $100 (Chapter1)

Edited by: Ronnie Ji


Please let me know if you want to use anything in this post.


>>Hardware setup

>>Software configuration

Hardware setup

Required Hardware list:

Hardware Descriptions

>> Bluetooth adapter ($2.44)…


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$99 DIY Smartboard

Click for full article There is no denying the appeal of interactive whiteboards: to interact directly with the image transcends the mouse-and-keyboard experience, opening opportunities for memorable learning experiences.

What if you could get most of what you needed for less than $100 instead of $2k-10k for an off-the-shelf smartboard? Might that be good enough?…


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Are Webinars truly engaging?

Are Webinars truly engaging?

I recently attended a webinar on facilitating interactive, engaging online webinars. Ironically, nearly all the good points provided in the webinar were not actually put in place during the session. There was essentially no interaction; the Q&A was only 5 minutes at the end of the session; there was nothing fun or engaging.

I was neither engaged, nor was I interacting with the system!

The live…


Added by Philip Rocca on July 27, 2009 at 6:32pm — 3 Comments

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