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Presentation on EAST and the Distance Learning Center

Since I began "lurking" in the bloggosphere last semester (making an occasional post), my mind is frequently occupied by Classroom 2.0 issues. A few of us inspired our Grad school advisor to begin a blog for one of her other classes; we also spent a few nights explaining blogs to some seasoned teachers. We did enough public speaking to realize that we did not have enough teaching experience to tell teachers how to get around the red tape. I began to lament over the fate of education in…


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Puppy Linux

Friday, I read Steve Hargadon's Blog about using Puppy Linux on a computer at home. So the wheels started spinning. I'm a Mac user but have an old Aptiva in the basement. So my current project is to see how Puppy works on the old machine. Lot's of families in my district can't afford computers and it's been my dream to see usable machines in their hands. So I'm trying this out. Wish me luck.

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My blog is...

I do my best to blog over at my blog You can catch the latest feed via the RSS feed below. Thanks

William Bishop (Bill)

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There they were, just a walkin' down the street

On my blog I have a regular piece that I write which tries to introduce different people to others in the blog world. I have been doing this for about 2 months and just finished my 9th person. I thought I'd continue this here, putting my entry here so that people could access that blog. As we try to find people to communicate and share ideas, I found that it was very difficult to do that at the start and I didn't have too many people visiting my blog. However, I began to visit and comment on… Continue

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Bursting the 2.0 Bubble

So, recently I read E.D. Hirsch's The Knowledge Deficit. Hirsch (Core Knowledge Reading Program) is know as being a heavy proponent of phonics, but this book goes further in advocating a knowledge heavy curriculum (You can always look it up...or can you)?. Not only that he suggests the curriculum… Continue

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The Good Teacher

I was doing research tonight for a Moodle class I am teaching and I ran across the tale of The Good Teacher. It was pleasant to read, (keeping in mind that I was up to my eyeballs in software documentation) and it reminded me that even in a 2.0 world we need to continue to use good pedagogy in our classrooms.

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Web 2.0 is making me smarter - or at least making me think more!

Following and reading blogs, participating in ning, contributing to wikis, writing in my blog, I haven't thought this much in years. It truly is an amazing phenomenon. I feel so intellectually alive. I'm inspired and challenged constantly. The blogs I read lead me to question and explore new tools and Websites. I haven't written this much since I was in school. It is all so exciting and energizing. For me, classroom 2.0 could just be about my… Continue

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Classroom 2.0?

I guess I need to acquire some friends, and start some dialogue. This is my first experience with a social networking site, so I am a little uncertain about the whole thing. Am I cool enough? Insecurities aside, this is me trying something new. That's been the fun part of my new foray with technology: I'm taking little risks, and I love it.

As I search for a job for the fall, my mind wanders back to all of the blogs I've read in the past six months. Weblog-Ed and 2 Cents Worth (and… Continue

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Don't think of it as a Blog... Think of it as an Info Sharing Space

The NYTimes published an interesting tool :

It could be used to illustrate the use of information graphics, create an ongoing discussion of economics, to consider received wisdom (in this case: buying property is always better than renting), to build writing pieces around. I imagine computer science, interactive multimedia educators… Continue

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OpenLearn Video

I just wanted to share this movie with you which the team has been created

to sum up what the openlearn project is about.

Back in February this year, openlearn was selected as a finalist in IMS

Global Learning Consortium’s Learning Impact Recognition and

Awards Program. Our entry received full marks from…


Added by Stuart Brown on April 15, 2007 at 6:21am — 1 Comment

Promethean Boards VS Active Boards

Good Morning! First a little background, I was working with a huge Active Board in Pittsburgh Public schools in the early 1990"s. It was a K-5 school I was Tech Support--taught Tech and was the Media Specialist. You know budget shortages!! I have a Promethean in my Media Center, there is an Actiboard in the Lab. The P board has a pen----the ActivB can be manipulated by fingers---especially little kids fingers. The district I am in is just purchasing these boards. I love my P Board and use it… Continue

Added by Karen on April 15, 2007 at 5:44am — 1 Comment

An Exodus from Microsoft: Parting the Knowledge Waters to Reach Linux and the Open Source Possibilities

As I have decided to explore Moodle by installing a Moodle server in the next week or 2, I thought I would spin the first coffee clutch tale of how I began my foray into Linux and Open source computing.

I started my business Gwynedd Valley Systems in 1997. At that time Tim Berners-Lee's…


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Running two blogs..- a bit difficult :(

If you don't find anything new here please go to the station and take this train ;)
Some minutes ago I saw this fascinating pictures of the OLPC project. Great!!!!

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On Being Advantaged

I'm not sure why to blog here, rather than at my regular blog. I don't plan on doing this regularly!

I just wanted to share some thanks I posted on my regular blog today, by posting a snippet here, so those of you whose conversations I have enjoyed will see it. It really is nice to have your feedback and reflections.

So, I would like to thank those people who have shared their point of view with me lately:

The concerned educators…

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Nigerian students power up their laptops

Just wow!

The rest of the pictures are here....

Added by Aaron Slutsky on April 14, 2007 at 7:24am — 1 Comment

A Page of Torah (Five Books of Moses) and Web 2.0

One of the things that I love about the Jewish religion is the importance of learning. When Jewish people study they don't just study with the people in the same room. Instead, they use a book that contains ideas, questiosns and answers from other Jewish people who have lived throughout the ages. A typical page of Torah, when it's written in a book, has several short sentences of the actual text, in Hebrew at the top right of the page. RIght next to the original text is a translation in…


Added by Andrew Pass on April 14, 2007 at 6:11am — 4 Comments

Teentek, Twitter, and Teachers

Just finished posting an article on the Techlearning blog that I think gets to the heart of classroom 2.0. That students are creators in this new digital world, and we need to find ways to allow them to create global content. They're already doing it in spaces like myspace, facebook, youtube, etc.

I also recorded a podcast this week on a lot… Continue

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A Book Club

I'm going to do this two different ways. First, the blog. A group of us are in the process of beginning a book club that will look at discussing different books and our reactions, insights, understandings, questions and general ideas about the book. We have started with A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink. We are at the beginning stage so if… Continue

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You may have seen something like this before...

I found this while searching Kim Cofino's website

over the break. Most of you in this arena know Kim, and her

ideas and implementation are wonderful. I have been thinking quite a

bit recently about the future of our profession, the types of students

we want to have, and the adults we want entering the world as they

leave our schools.

It is not about the…

Added by Patrick Higgins on April 13, 2007 at 9:43pm — 2 Comments

New Thing

Mid-January this year I left my position as an elementary principal to become a technology instructional coach for the district. At first I had to go through a bit of culture shock, not dealing with angry parents, not dealing with angry teachers, not seeing angry students, not dealing with angry central office administrators, etc. to working in a very small department on the backside of the district. My e-mails went from 100 a day to less than 10 and my face to face traffic was even less. I was… Continue

Added by Clifton Dancy on April 13, 2007 at 1:16pm — 4 Comments

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