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MegaConferenceJr Global Video Conference

My class is presenting in the MegaConferenceJr.org presentation day on Feb 19th at 12:30-12:55 PST. We have been working with local officials in monitoring the Black Brant Populations in Padilla Bay, WA. The name of the presentation is "Black Brant, Who and Where Are You." We will be one of 21 presenters for the day beginning 7 am and ending 7 pm EST. We've had two rehearsals and everything is a go. Please tune in for live video. There is a "streaming" link on their website. Or visit the… Continue

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Day 2 - 28 Days of Twitter: Dr. Seuss & The Upside-Down Pop Quiz

@paulawhite posted a tweet today about her Dr. Seuss-inspired publishing project for primary students, in which they write about (and illustrate) the "marvels" they see on their ways to and from school. Based on "And to Think that I Saw it On Mulberry Street." Perfect candidate for Voicethread, I think. Check it out.

Sidebar… Continue

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Online Resources for Black History Month

obama_signing.jpg With the first African American President successfully and firmly seated in the White House, it seems the entire Internet is celebrating not only his success, but Black History Month itself. Some of the resources we're recommending this month have been around a number of years, but many of them have recently landed themselves on the web, championing the successes of African Americans throughout…


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Teaching and Learning in a Digital Age

I like to think that I am reasonably capable in the area of technology and that I incorporate a good deal of it into my classes. In the schools where I have previously taught, I have always been one of the teachers who utilized technology more than most. When I began teaching 19 years ago, most teachers, much less the students, did not have access to a computer. Having a desktop computer at your disposal was unheard of. There were no laptops, cell phones, ipods (Walkmen were used quite… Continue

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More on the Judiciary

Restraint and Constructionism

This blog originally appeared on Feb. 1, 2009 on http://hippocampusgovernment.blogspot.com/ and is reprinted here with the permission of Hippocampus.org. For more information and to see the hyperlinks see the original and visit my Hippocampus Government blog.

Most of us agree that President Obama will be faced with two crucial decisions in his administration...the… Continue

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web log 2 continued

These readings help start the thinking process for our project tomorrow . It is essential to have a thorough understanding of how students learn and the student's perception of how they learn. After the readings, I find myself wanting to be more in tune with the ways my students learn and process information. I have also discovered that I learn in very similar ways to many of my students. For example, I like rigorous instruction in which there is a variety of things going on in the classrooms.… Continue

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web log 2

Web log 2:

Chapter 1 what is literacy really

How one defines literacy often depends upon personal perspectives. Does everyone mean the same thing when using the word literacy? (Braun)

Literacy means different thing to individuals. There are so many avenues in which one can engage and explore literacy.

Literacy today with technology is so different than 10 years ago. (Braun)

Students and teens in particular, are able to pick up… Continue

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Day 1 - 28 Days of Twitter: FlickrCC, Tweetgrid & Wordpress help

Other than waiting until literally the 11th hour to make good on my very first day, things are off to a solid start. I have posted a Twitter widget here on my Classroom 2.0 Ning page so that I am compelled to honor the other part (contributing/participating) of my self-imposed "project" as well.

Here's my three finds for Day 1 -- all post-Super-Bowl, so not too shabby...

I regularly use Flickr to search for Creative Commons photos, especially to use in the… Continue

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28 Days of Twitter

Yesterday, I started a personal "micro-project" called "28 Days of Twitter." I even have a handcrafted logo to prove it :)

I have been an inconsistent Twitter user for well over a year now. I totally 'get' its potential as a core element of a PLN, but I just can't seem to make it a habit.

Since I do well in setting up arbitrary "assignments" for myself, especially if there is a mechanism of accountability built-in, I have decided that I will commit to actively… Continue

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Links to my recent blog posts about interactive information visualization, the World Economic Forum, and more...

I'd like to share links to some of my recent blog posts:

Posts related in some way to the current economic crisis:

Back to Basics: The Future of Baniking and Finance Discussed at the 2009 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland

The Values… Continue

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Come follow me

Would love for you to follow my blog, give me feedback, advice and input in what I am trying to do with my teachers and students. We are and I am reflecting on implementing wikis, blogs, voicethreads, podcasting, collaborative projects...

Diary of a Technology Supporter

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Hmmmmm.. Will It work? (Cell Phone Update)

Well after days of searching the web, my tech guy told me about School Central (http://yourschoolcentral.com), a site we use to post messages as a district through texting. So after a few more days working through the instructions I finally took it to my class. I asked the students to create their free accounts and follow the directions to join my group. Then after sharing the number and directions on they could send or respond to texts the texting began. In reality only a handful of students… Continue

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The February 2009 Music Education Blog Carnival

The February 2009 running of the Music Education Blog Carnival is now up on the Collaborative Piano Blog, with articles and music from a wide variety of writers, including:

Scott Ashby

Leah Coutts

Kyle Gardner

Takeshi Koike

Elizabeth McDonald

Liz Parker

Joseph Pisano

Rachel Rambach

Doruk Somunkiran

Brian Jay Stanley

Cary… Continue

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A Digital Immigrant's Story

When I began teaching in 1980, my students were growing up essentially the same way I had. They had never seen a computer, mobile phones were attached to cars and there were 4 channels on TV, with limited children’s programming. Over the course of my career as a teacher, I have watched changes happen in my students that can only be explained by advancing technology and media. My first classes enjoyed listening to read-alouds from chapter books and generally had long attention spans, even in… Continue

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