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Michelle Rhee, Child Abuser, Wants More Abuse in School

Michelle Rhee, Child Abuser, Wants More Abuse in School

Check out one of the latest by Valerie Strauss, “What Rhee’s Comments About Her Children Say About Her.” Apparently,…

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Alabama’s Tough New Anti-Union Laws—A Boon for Organizing?

Alabama’s Tough New Anti-Union Laws—A Boon for Organizing?

Several tough new anti-teacher’s union laws were recently passed in Alabama, in the wake of an ethics investigation of education lobbyist Paul Hubbert.…

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Supporting At-Risk Students in the Online Environment

John* failed to log-in 8 days in a row after he’d enrolled in my online, 10th grade, English course. I watched my Performance Dashboard, waiting for it to report that John wasn’t, in fact, a disengaged student. On the 8th day, I picked up my phone and dialed the number of his mentor. After a short run around at the front desk, I was transferred to Paul*, who reported to me that he hadn’t seen John in over a week and all he knew was that the boy had made a court appearance sometime back and…


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Optimizing Students' Learning

Maximizing the opportunities – that’s the keyword – and the key to good teaching. “I choose the word opportunities because that is all any teacher can provide for his or her students”, writes Doyle in his book (page 4). This reminds me of this idiom, “you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink”. I truly agree with his view on providing the environment to create learning opportunities that optimize students’ learning. Teachers are not only responsible to…


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10 reasons to get educators blogging...

5 reasons educators should start reading blogs:

1) - Blogs are the heart of learning and sharing...

If you are an idea and inspiration junkie like myself, then you will find blogs to be extremely beneficial. Educators of all ages and backgrounds are bringing their ideas, reflections and experiences to one convenient location; their blog.… Continue

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14 books educators should read...

Here are 14 books that I have read over the last two years that have had a positive effect and impact on me as an educator. Some of these books were read in the book club at Seckman High School, and some were read as part of my doctoral studies. Despite doing a lot more online reading of late (blogs, articles, etc...), I still feel that books play an important role in educator growth and development. Please comment and let me know what you would add to the list.… Continue

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Trying to do what's best for kids...

I recently made some big changes in my German classes. I have been contemplating these changes for a while now, so please don't assume I made these changes without thoughtful consideration. My focus has transitioned to having my students show what they have learned, instead of simply assessing them on what they are willing to do. It bothers me when I see students who have a high level of content mastery, but yet have a low grade. Likewise, I see misrepresentation… Continue

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10 steps for educators new to Twitter...

Educators from all around the world are beginning to use Twitter as a valuable piece in their professional growth toolbox. As professional development continues to evolve and transform, we will need new ways to encourage teachers to embrace new opportunities. Here is a "How… Continue

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The power of a comment...

I recently did a blog post titled, How do you Define Learning? This post centers around the struggles I am having this year as I move away from the traditional style of…

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Technology that augments the use of technology by educators...

I recently had a discussion with a friend about the relative merits and demerits of technology, and before you jump in to claim that the pros outweigh the cons, let me iterate that the topic under debate was the value of (or lack of it) technology for those who are either scared to use technology or have no clue about it. The tech savvy may find this hard to understand, but there are still those who refuse to embrace technology or do so under considerable duress.

There’s no doubt that…

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What are you really worth...?

There are lots of things that people love: new car smell, walks on the beach, winning the lottery and most importantly, opening a gas station soda only to find out you won a free soda!

In addition to these most cherished things in our lives, I also really love to be inspired and motivated. Over the last couple weeks there have been two pieces in particular that have so eloquently come together in perfect harmony...…


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End of blog

As it is a new year and I will be teaching a year 2 class this blog will no longer be used.

Keep a eye out for my Google sites classroom blog - coming soon :)

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Reverse Instruction and 1 to 1 Laptop Schemes

Thoughts and ideas about "Reverse Instruction" and 1 to 1 Laptop Schemes - see original blog here

As I have mentioned previously on this site, the key to implementing and developing a successful 1 to 1 Laptop Scheme in a school is about adapting teaching styles and pedagogies. With the increase of more 1 to 1 Laptop schools, the ability to introduce “Reverse Instruction” to our 21st Century learners is becoming even more…


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Educators: Writing to Learn

Learning only happens for me in one manner. Writing. Today, Will Richardson reminded me of that in his The "Future of Education" webinar (http://bit.ly/K2WJp).

Among the numerous topics discussed, was the idea that Educators as Learners are a powerful tool in the classroom. An educator, according to Richardson, is most effective in the classroom when teaching students how to learn, not what to learn. So, first off, the educator himself must be a… Continue

Added by Rashel Fitchett on January 18, 2011 at 10:19pm — 4 Comments

How does students' prior knowledge affect their learning

This presentation is a summary of important points from the first chapter of the book "How Learning Works - 7 Research-Based Principles for Smart Teaching" by Ambrose and others. In Chapter 1 (How Does Students' Prior Knowledge Affect Their Learning) the authors discuss the importance of teachers to recognize that students bring with them prior knowledge acquired naturally through daily life activities or in prior courses they have studied. Some of the prior knowledge are relevant but some are… Continue

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Work Flow Management & a Gaggle of Geese: Week 2

My second week of work as a full-time online teacher had me lurking around Aventa Learning’s Teacher Resource Center in consideration of viewing an Elluminate Live! session titled "Stress Relief for Online Teachers (Time Management Tips)". This was the case not so much due to the fact that I was “stressed”, per se, but more resulting from the fact that it had become blazingly apparent that stress would soon be on its way to my online classroom door. She would come, clicking down the tiled…


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3 Quick Lesson Plan Ideas That Utilize Technology

Letting students use technology to create presentations, reports, journals, etc., can be an easy way to introduce technology in a lesson plan or project.

Guest Post by Rebecca Garland

If you’ve been teaching longer than a few years, you already know that it can be tricky to be a “perfect” teacher all the time. While we might play the part of perfect when it comes times for evaluations and such, most of the…


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Research work in Cooperative Learning context by Robert Slavin


Here's a view from the exelente work research done by Robert Slavin and  many other colleges, in the Center for Research and  Reform in Education (Stº Johns Hopkings University School of Education, USA). Several  experiments and avaliations studys about alternative programms, are made continualy - on new aproaches to teach and learn - in order to implemant in many public schools from around word. One of the main goal of this researchs, is to provide a more inclusive and equall…


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Understanding How Learning Works

Constructivism, behaviorism, pedagody, andragogy, Bloom Taxonomy, student-centered learning...?? I must humbly admit that, after more than 16 years teaching, I didn’t know much about the various learning theories and pedagogical aspects of teaching-learning. I’m not trained as a teacher – I’m a food technologist. My only experience in teaching was teaching my friends and a short stint teaching in a private school (secondary level). Soon after I completed my Ph.D. in Food Technology, I came back… Continue

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From the Labs: Google Tools You May Not Know

From Search to Maps to Docs, Google offers tons of free tools that have had a great impact on technology in the classroom. The best thing about Google, though, is that it is continually innovating. Here are some of my favorite educational applications from Google Labs, Google's test bed for new Internet technology.

Find out what my favorite Google Labs tools are here:… Continue

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