I have been actively using Google Wave for the past three plus months. Instructional coaches in my division have utilized the collaborative aspects of Google Wave to take notes during recent conference sessions, to plan a school board presentation, and to compile notes during vertical meetings. As more invitations get released by Google Wave we have expanded the number of school staff members that have access to Google Wave. How are others using Google Wave within your school divisions? Is it used by grade levels? Is anyone using it for PD? Do students have access to this tool? How are they making use of it? Thanks, Jennie

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Although I would like to experiment with Google Wave in the classroom, we are not there yet. Our students (elementary school) are using Google Apps and doing really well with it. Google Wave would be a great next step and we will probably start using it next year. However, I can see how Google Wave would be an ideal tool for project-based learning. Students could collaborate on projects and brainstorm by using the real time chat. They can use gadgets, such as the Voting Gadget and vote on different issues when trying to come to some consensus. They can analyze files and images together and embed them in their projects. And this is just the beginning because I am sure that developers are already designing cool gadgets and robots that students can use in a collaborative project environment.
Right now my 7th and 8th grade students are using google wave to track all discussions related to projects. As ateacher it is a great way to follow the conversation and occasionally steer it
I've created a few templates to help teachers and students get started on Wave: http://www.poojasrinivas.com/googlewave/templates.html

Would love to get your feedback on it (there's a wave for comments/suggestions in the link above)
Fantastic templates. I look forward to using them in class and out.
Thanks :-) I've added some installers to the templates list today: http://www.poojasrinivas.com/googlewave/installers.html for creating public waves and for creating waves with specific groups as a participant.



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