Below you will see the end of course benchmarks for Science please review and decide if anything needs to be moved, added, and/or deleted. Remember if an indicator is in Quarter I that means that it will be assessed at the end of Quarter I.

You can offer your suggestions in two ways: 1) You can post a comment describing the changes or 2) you can open the file, save it on your computer, then post a comment with the revised file as an attachment.

This will insure that your input is available to those that are going to create the quarterly assessment.

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This year and next year seem to be a fine-tuning period. With the current 8th grade class, we have adjusted the curriculum to teach those areas missed prior to the new curriculum. With that being said, this year’s 7th graders are in a semi-modification period, in which the middle school science teachers are finding out how to fit the curriculum in the time period without losing integral science information they will need for high school
I have a few questions regarding the 8th grade benchmarks: This summer we discussed adding Catastrophic Events (those opposite of the 6th grade volcanos and tornadoes) Not sure if that needs to be clarified in the 4th quarter.

I also think we need to stretch the chemistry benchmarks into the second marking period and combine with light.

The third marking period will be astronomy and Earth Science; and the forth will be genetics and cells. I will attach the adjustment.

Complications will be administering a unit test for chemistry in the middle of the 2nd marking period. I don't see a problem in the 1st marking period regarding a unit test for properties of matters.

Attached are the adjustments
Just to add in since there aren't any discussions available for 6th Grade Science Teachers... I see you mentioned catastrophic events, and I was wondering if the two you listed (volcanos and tornadoes) were the ones you were going to be teaching, or the ones you think 6th Grade teaches in their kit. We did not get the catastrophic events kit for 6th Grade this year, however we did go to the training. The kit we will be teaching (if we ever get it) will teach Hurricanes and Earthquakes.
I think I am supposed to be continuing the 2nd half of the Catastrophic Events in 8th grade. So when you get the kit, you would be doing the first half and in 8th grade they would be learning about volcanoes and tornadoes. Darcy and I talked about passing the kit or splitting it, but I guess we can brain storm that when that day comes.
The kit will be ordered and in Summer 2009. Remember the science committee planned a two year implementation. When we could we got materials early but that was not promised.



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