Think reflectively about the micro-teaching activity that you and your partner created and presented in class. Then, write a blog (300-350 words approx.) that responds to the following three key questions: why you found this activity interesting and strong for your class, what you would have done differently due to differentiating instruction reasons, and how you would have incorporated more culture into it.


In order to earn full credit for this blog, you must also leave at least two comments (100-150 words each) on your peers’ posts. Please take the time to read what they wrote – you’ll find that you often have similar reactions to the teaching experience, and can help one another a great deal through this first semester!



For personal blog: Tuesday, September 25, 2018, 11:59 p.m.

For two comments: Thursday, September 27, 2018, 11:59 p.m.

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When one presents their lesson plan, one must make sure that they have successfully achieved all of their goals. The main idea of the micro-teaching was to represent the idea based on learning profile. As one is more exposed to the classroom, one realizes that there are many students whom learning techniques vary. Tomlinson (2001) states that “the goals of learning-profile differentiation are to help individual learners understand modes of learning that work best for them, and to offer those options so that each learner finds a good learning fit in the classroom.” In other words, one must be able to have a universal lesson plan to make sure everyone in the classroom is included.

As a second language educator, one must remember The Standards for Foreign Language Learning (SFLL), which indicate that making connections with the students is important; as well as making the lesson plan cultural and communicative. The lesson that was present was significant for the students because they learned about Hispanic Heritage Month, a cultural event that was happening during the time that the lesson was taught. Not only did one introduce a cultural event, but the students were able to see different professions in the Target Language (TL) while watching a video, listening to the video, as well as reading along with the video. With these tools’ students were able to understand the content that one had planned to teach them.

Something different that could have been done due to differentiating instruction reasons will be making sure that the questions that students receive are more specific and not very broad, especially when teaching a lower level class. Another thing that could have been done differently is making sure that one uses cognates for the students to understand the content a little better.  Culture could have been more incorporated into this lesson by making more personal, as by adding more information based on the student’s community. It is essential to make these connections so that one could never lose the students interests.

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Hello Margarita, Your presentation was very well presented. You and David did a great job in presenting your thesis. The part where you guys talked about considering the five senses was smart because some students are visual learners while others prefer reading. Your presentation was culturally presentable. It was smart to use hispanic heritage month. Your right about using personal information of hispanic students in the class for a better aim towards culture. Your questions were very good in my opinion because they were not difficult, especially in the end were used asked broad question really helped the student know what was taught to them. Overall you and David did a fascinating job. (113)



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