Has anyone made the leap to the Leopard operating system at their school? If so, what compatibility issues have you found with software, if any? How easy was the shift for teachers? Any glitches in the system? Any tips? I have not heard or read anything good about 'Stacks'. Any thoughts/comments are appreciated.

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I would echo what Lucy described...I have had no issues with my upgrade, and iChat Theatre alone is worth the price! It has made long-distance collaboration on presentations a breeze.
Our macs at school are a lot older, so we don't have Leopard. We have an iBook mobile lab that was purchased probably 5+ "school years" ago and many of our classrooms still have 2nd gen iMacs. Our newest laptop was bought a year ago, but it's mostly for presentation use. A few years back, I would have said our school was doing fairly well in terms of technology, but it seems that we haven't maintained the momentum.
Sorry to say, my school division moved to the dark side about 5 years ago. But I would never spend MY money on a PC. At home, I upgraded both my desktop and laptop (and my college son's desktop) to Leopard the first week it was out. Haven't had any problems. Time Machine is incredible.

I am so jealous of those of you in Mac school or districts.
I'm running Leopard on my laptop, on a couple of desktops as test machines and on a couple of servers, also as a test. New servers (8 of them) all have 10.5; migrating from 10.4 and learning the new tools is a major focus of my summer!



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