Project Management Role Definitions

What is the role of Project Management?

The project manager plays a critical role in the leadership of a project team in order to achieve the project's objectives. This role is clearly visible throughout the project. Many project managers become involved in a project from its initiation through closing. This is not always the case, it depends on the project and on what type of organization you are dealing with. Project managers can be involved in evaluation and analysis activities prior to project initiation. This includes but is not limited to

  • consulting with executive and business unit leaders on ideas for advancing strategic objectives,
  • improving organizational performance
  • meeting customer and clients

In some organizational settings, the project manager may also be called upon to manage or assist in business analysis, business case development, and aspects of portfolio management for a project. A project manager may also be involved in follow-on activities related to realizing business benefits from the project. The role of a project manager may vary from company to company. The takeaway concept here is that the project management role is tailored to fit the organization in the same way that the project management processes are tailored to fit the project.

A Project Manager has a similar role as a conductor for a large orchestra. He or she provides direction and the members of the orchestra execute them accordingly. Below further illustrates this comparison.

What are the Roles of the Members of the project team

A large project and an orchestra each comprise many members, each playing a different role. A large orchestra may have more than 500 musicians who are led by a conductor. These musicians may play 50 different kinds of instruments placed into major sections. This same concept is true when dealing with Project Management.  Larger projects may have more than 200 project members that are all led by one project manager. Team members generally have different roles, such as designing the building project, manufacturing of the project, and facilities management. Like the major sections of the orchestra, they represent multiple business units or groups within an organization. The musicians and the project members make up each leader's team.

What is the Responsibility for the team in Project management?


Continuing with our comparison of a project manager to a conductor. Both the project manager and conductor are both responsible for what their end result of the project. Both the Project management and the conductor need to take a bird's eye view of their team's products in order to plan, coordinate, and complete them. The two leaders begin by reviewing the vision, mission, and objectives of their respective organizations to ensure alignment with their products. The two leaders establish their interpretation of the vision, mission, and objectives involved in successfully completing their products. The leaders use their interpretation to communicate and motivate their teams toward the successful completion of their objectives.

What Knowledge and skills are required for project managers?

The project manager is not expected to know every detail or be able to perform every role on the project, but the project manager should have the basic knowledge, technical knowledge, understanding, and experience in the relevant field to be able to perform as a good leader and to effectively manage the project. The project manager provides the project team with leadership, planning, and coordination through communications. The project manager provides written communications, this is archived using different methods including real-time meetings, formal documentation, project plans, project forum boards.

How do I become a better leader or project manager?

There are many aspects to project management and leadership but just like everything else, it is about learning the basics which include the terminology for each industry and then building on the foundation with experience and by learning from others. Some students choose to complete a course in Project management with or your couple complete a leadership course with, whilst others perform to go down the self-learning route. Whether you choose a formal education or just learn on your own, you must enjoy learning and studying the topic to be successful.  


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