I would like to get some feedback about group/collaborative blogging. Would anyone be interested in discussing collaborative blogging in the classroom where a small group or team of students may share a blog?


I see learning opportunities where groups of students, who has joint ownership of a blog, can:

  • have discussions
  • share project research information
  • share thoughts, current events
  • polish their writing skills
  • and communicate with each other (pen pals perhaps?)

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I am interested...how old are your students?

Hi Laura, I don't have any students myself. But my friends and I built a microblogging platform and we do have some teachers pilot testing. You can give it a try if you want at www.diipo.com


Some of the teachers are not too active... but there are some classes that are more active: Geometry AC


You can find that class by searching for it, or by visiting the "Educator's Lounge" area and browsing the list of classes. Let me know what you think! Any feedback will help us a long ways in refining this site!

It would be helpful if you could view the site before joining.  I tried to go to the class you mentionned but couldn't see it without signing in.  Some public ones would be nice so you could check it out  first.
Hi Grace, we have actual teachers and students on there so there is a concern for their privacy. If you would like, I can email you or private message you on classroom20.com my account you can log in with. Just add me as a colleague on classroom 2.0 and I can send it to you!



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