Make sure you say "hey" and let us know a bit about yourself.

What topics are you looking to possibly collaborate on?

Are you thinking of getting students together, or getting professional discussions going? Or perhaps both...?

I'm all for people lurking a little to see if this is the place for them, but I also truly feel that we make the place what we need it to be!

This journey is ours to create--take us in new directions and new thought processes!

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Hi, I'm Sherita from Oxford, Alabama where I currently teach Computer Applications, Computer Science, and Math.  I am also the unofficial tech person in our Freshman Academy, and I collaborate with other teachers on how to integrate technology in their curriculum.


My biggest interest right now is project-based learning and collaboration.  I'm looking for project ideas and teachers who are interested in collaborating via blogging, Google Docs, and/or video.



Hi everyone,

I'm a recent college grad working on implementing educational microblogging for the classroom. I would like to get some discussions going to talk about the role microblogging and other tools can play in education. My vision is to see teachers and students connect and collaborate together through the use of technology. Through the use of technology I would like to see barriers and walls come down so there can be more open discussions, more transparent exchange of questions, answers and other information, and more meaningful student collaboration in the classroom.

Hello everyone,

I am a teacher from Moscow. I have been teaching my students English for about 5 years now. They are students with special needs, some of them are quite good at IT and lots of other subjects. Though they mostly have individual online lessons, we have already made some group projects and participated in several events and contests. We have already tried our school blogs and forums too.

I think it would be fun for my students to take part in projects together with kids from other countries. 

As for me, I am always happy to share my ideas with partners and to learn from them.

With best wishes,

Tatyana :)


My name is Mary and I'm a high school English teacher.  I LOVE learning about new technology others are using in the classroom and and love to share what I am using.  I am going to be teaching the novel, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, in May.  I would like to collaborate with another English teacher outside of the state of Illinois.  If anyone is interested, please contact me.


Hello   I am a high school Spanish teacher and would like to find other classes to communicate in Spanish with my students.  If you also teach Spanish, our classes could communicate in Spanish to improve their Spanish skills.  If you teach in a Spanish country and are looking for someone to practice English with your students, we could take turns writing in English one week and Spanish the next week or switch languages with each new topic.

  My students are currently working on a VoiceThread to share and I'm experimenting with blogging with my Spanish 5 class every Tuesday. Some other web2.0 tools I use in class are GoogleVoice, screencasting (for feedback on compositions and for tutorials and review videos of grammar for the students), Animoto, Glogster (though not one of my favorites), ShowBeyond, and Storybird. 

  I look forward to finding other educators that want to stress inter-class communicative activities with their students.


Hello all,

I am interested in online collaboration and in alternative ways for teachers to become certified.

I hope to have the opportunity to interact with the many experts in this forum.

And have fun too:)


I am Chris Midden, a 5th and 6th grade science teacher in southern Illinois. I am looking for opportunities to investigate real problems, sharing questions, ideas, and discoveries to help solve problems so real action can be taken.
Hello!  I am an assistant principal in New Jersey looking for ways I can help my teachers connect with students from around the country and the world to collaborate, discuss, and create meaningful work together.
I'm a newly certified school librarian and former Ed-tech publicist.I live in rural upstate, ny and just landed my first gig at a k-6 elementary school. There isn't much technology used in the classrooms, so it's up to me to get in all of the tech I can in my lessons. I thought distance collaboration would be a great way to humanize the integration of technology through Skype, chats, emailing, etc. We have smart boards in the classrooms.

Best way to contact me is via email at egibson at oneonta dot .org.

Hi, my name is Carol Sammon

 I would like, if  possible for my reading workshop students to collaborate with another reading group.  I would appreciate any pros, cons, ups and downs on this endeavor. 

Hi Ginger

Im brand spankin new to this so please excuse me if I am doing something incorrectly.  I am a year 6 teacher in Australia and would love to use this site to learn from others as well as hook up with schools globally to do some fantastic things.  I am particularly interested in connecting the arts with technology.

Looking foward to exploring the world with you all.




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