Hello All,

We are looking for software that will help our students to improve their math. Many of our students need help in this area.

School is K-8.

I thought I would start here. Please list the title of the software you are using, web-based or not, grade level, and comments.

I am new to this active community and hope to become a contributing member as well.

Thanks Norm

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Great tool, Ramon.

Thank you very much.

Feel free to explore our extensive Free Teacher Resources.
Definetly check out Mangahigh.com

This is a new site which is targeted toward 11-16yr olds. Prodigi and games like Flower Power and Bidmas Blaster are also great for even younger students.

Mangahigh has just developed a great offering for schools which allows schools to use all of the games and lessons for free. There is also competition involved which is a lot of fun.

Oh! and check out these links for some great resources on using math games for great learning results:
scroll down to the 'lesson plans using games' doc...its great

Have a look!!


(make sure to give the games a try... though I warn you that they can be addictive!)
Hi Cutting Edge Math Teachers,

Would you help me get the word out by forwarding this notice where appropriate?


Are you interested in ...
- seamlessly integrating authentic math inquiry with technology?
- using the most educationally powerful and student-friendly math software?
- in techniques that are both fun for students to do and easy for teachers to implement?
- in methods that deepen and accelerate learning the fundamental algebraic and geometric concepts?

Unlike far too many other professional development experiences, this will be a real "workshop." That means that by the end of the workshop, you will have created practical and authentic activities that you can immediately implement in your classroom. During the workshop, you'll learn through fun hands-on guided authentic math inquiry experiences, have powerful and hopefully inspiring discussions with your math colleagues, and time to craft your own activities for your classroom.

Please check out the website at:


For more information, please vcontact Oleg Moiseenko at:


All the best,




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