Does anyone know of any important differences between Wikispaces and PBworks for an educator?

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I would just try finding someone with a mobile device and using it to see what wikis on various services look like.
Very intuitive, Chris. Thanks!

I'll tell you problem I've been having, though. I have a Treo 680 smart phone which uses the "Blazer" browser and I'm having connectivity problems with it. For example, I keep a to do list on and the mobile version of the application shows me a truncated list with missed items! Also, when I log onto my gmail account oftentimes it says "cannot access GPRS" or other error messages :/ In the past I used my Razr phone to access gmail and other websites -- I had very few connectivity problems with it. Would you be able to direct me to someplace where I might get help on Palm OS browsers? TIA!
Hmm...I'm no expert on mobile devices, but I would just google the error messages you're getting to see if many other Palm OS users are having the problem. Someone might even have an easy fix for you! You might also find out that the Palm OS browser just has compatibility problems with a lot of websites. In that case, there may not be much you can do, other than get another phone. Another possibility is there's something physically wrong with the device, in which case you could take the phone to where you bought it and let them know about your problem. It's possible that they might even replace your phone for free (I've heard of it happening). I hope that helped!
Wikispaces has free Wikis for Educators. PBworks does not offer a free educator's wiki site.
PB Works student accounts only allow students on my wiki, not the rest of the site. I'm not sure what controls the Wikispaces format has.
Wiki Educationwikis allow you most of the options as the Paid versiion of PB-Works Wiki. There are also educational Wikis permitted at Don't be afraid to "shop around."

I just created a Wiki for a 12th grade government class I will be teaching this year; 2 sections about 25 students per class.

I plan on dividing the students imto teams and then have each group responsible for generating Wiki class notes on a particular topic each week; checks and balances, federalism, Legislative Branch, Executive Branch. Bill of Rights, electoral college etc. Also considering requiring them to include useful and relevant links in several categories and provide a rationale/explanation for their selections...web site, Youtube video, Twitter, Blog

School does not start for several weeks, can I register a group of users now and just assign each student a number or letter when class begins? Do I need to use real names? What is the process for registration, are there directions posted at Wikispaces that I should follow?
Jonathan, is it a new Wikispace? Have you requested it to be an educational site yet?? Do that now so you get the extra perks! Email me at for more help!
Hi Johnathan,

See the first question on the FAQ here for how to convert existing wikis to the free education plan if you haven't already:

Once you're on that plan you can use the bulk user creator (Manage Wiki -> User Creator) to add members from a spreadsheet. The User Creator also lets you add members without email addresses.
There are differences in the permissions in both Teacher account versions. Both have missing permissioms thattheir paid versions do have. PB Works is more ecpensive!

I have used both and I like PBWorks because it is more user friendly for both myself and my students. 



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