Plagiarism is a theft. It means that you stole someone's identity, someone's thoughts. It's horrible. We should teach our young generation not to be thieves and avoid plagiarism.

             But theft it's not the biggest problem. As educator and psychologist I did a range of anonymous tests and I found that the most common reason of plagiarizing is fear.

Yes, fear.

Fear of being incorrect.

Fear of being not accepted in college or university.

Fear to show their own feelings and personal opinion.

Psychological pressure from family.
Students don't feel teacher's support, sometimes they are afraid their teachers.
Lack of motivation.
Students plagiarize in case they are stressed out and panicked.
Or the simpliest reason - the subject isn't interesting.

                 /How to teach our students avoid plagiarism without intimidation? By motivating. How to inspire them? How to make them believe in themselves?

I think that schools, colleges and universities should use plagiarism checkers and make free access for students. Nowadays we know a lot of plag detectors, suc as PlagScan, CopyScan, Copyleaks, Plagskan, Plagium, Grammarly, Turnitin and so on. We prefer Unicheck that provides you with real-time reporting. But anyway such detection tools make the process of defining plagiarism easier.

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It is due to the lack of research skills. Many students do not know how to search the library catalog, search databases for journal articles, or use other reference sources.

Thank you for the great post Jonathan!

The problem of plagiarism is prosper but I believe that we, teachers, can understand its roots and help students to start believing in themselves as the unique and talented writers. 

It may sound strange, but Artificial Intelligence is what can help students to avoid plagiarism in academic writing and demonstrate their personal writing style. I'd like to introduce you to Emma, a smart self-learning authorship recognition tool ( This AI has shaken the world of education up. By the way, everyone can test its beta version, all you need is to sign up on its main page. 

Let's make the world plagiarism free!

It depends the person to be honest. Some individuals just have a fear of failing and resort to copyrighting information. Others just want to pass the class with no effort. But some students end up copying other people work because they just don't know how to properly site and credit their information.

To make Content grammatical correct, You should follow tools which will improve your writing style in a proper way. There are various tools you can follow for improvement, but I recommend you to Grammarly where you can easily correct grammar and writing style. You can learn a lot from these tools because these are designed from experts.

I think it's a mix of fear, lack of understanding, and laziness. Like you said, students will plagiarize out of fear of failing - they'd rather hand something in than do nothing. They also do it because they don't understand the task. If they understood the topic they were supposed to research, they'd just research it themselves and write it. And then there's just plain laziness. Some students just Google something, write it down and call it a day.

For the lazy students, we need to increase their fear of being found out. For the students who don't understand, we need to support them and figure out why. I never accept plagiarized stuff from my students, and I show them how easy it is to find it. But I do give them a second (and sometimes third and fourth) chance to write something on their own.

As a fresh graduate I can also admit that students tend to get way too much homework, especially in the graduation year. What's pleasant though is that many topics of essays intersect so personally I happened to use the same text for 5 different assignments, with a bit of alterations. Can it be regarded as plagiarism if your own work was used several times?

Selecting only relevant info, paraphrasing, synthesizing (adding one's own opinions) and citing sources are all important skills. Maybe starting small with elementary students (who want to highlight everything) and just one paragraph or a grid

to pick out key words? Open to suggestions....

You know, plagiarizing is one of the most spread problems in the academic life and in the teaching progress. Nowadays students are searching for easier ways to complete some tasks. When they are asked why do they plagiarize, they tell about different reasons. The first one is lack of time, energy, and patience. Sometimes it is fair, especially when someone has any work to do. But sometimes it is just a laziness. And the second one popular reason is lack of experience. They plagiarize by using sources they rely on. Someone researched the area and information are really valuable so they think they could just take it.

I'm against plagiarism but I have nothing against online helpers like Assignment.EssayShark. I think that it’s not a secret for everyone that we live in digital age and all information became available for college students online. Thanks to internet technologies college students could choose unique written essays, assignment help online and consultations with online tutors instead of plagiarism

    • is a fantastic resource that does just that. It is much more effective when used by students and teachers as a tool for helping students quote, paraphrase, and summarize correctly rather than a “gotcha” tool used for catching those who plagiarize by teachers and administrators.

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Students plagiarize because of laziness and lack of skills as someone said here



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