I want to use Google docs this year with my elementary students.  Which projects have you used them with that were successful?

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Google Docs is our tool to learn and write together.  Here is an example of a project two of my students created for the rest of our class to do.  Veterans Day

Here's our scaffolded graphic organizer to gather ideas that include nouns, verbs, imagery, connections. Veterans Prewrite

I have a Google Class website for listing assignments with links to the needed documents. Students make a copy according to the directions. Note: if you look at this before school starts, it won't have assignments. :) 

Other ways to use Google Docs:

Backchannel:  Create a link to ONE document and all students add notes to that page during discussion or when watching a video.

We also use Google Docs to scaffold note-taking on group or individual research projects. Just create the Graphic Organizer for your thoughtful questions or summary quick writes. Students can create their own or add to one document to share with the class.

Rather than using Google Groups, I prefer having my class website for students to access assignments -- links to websites or our Google Docs. You could create an assignment page for each class.

Google Apps is free, and we have added Teacher Dashboard by Hapara. There is a cost to this, but it is the best for managing and monitory Google Apps for students. I can see what each student by class has added and when, hover over the document for a preview, and click to add feedback or assess.  I highly recommend this.

Hope this helps.


Hi Sheri, great idea to include video. It was useful to see what it looks like in the classroom.

A lot of similarities that Sheri has mentioned:

- Note-taking

- creating and collaborating on documents, particularly on group projects for planning and designing

- Google Sites for ePortfolios and projects to create their websites

- Google docs presentations to present various projects

- Google docs spreadsheets for sharing recommendations: books, websites, etc

- Google docs forms to create surveys

Also, Google drawings which has been one of the favorite things for the children to do.

Hi Smita,

What kinds of drawings do you do with the students?  I tried using the draw app when it was still pretty new and really didn't work with what I wanted to do. I have heard that it has improved significantly and would be interested in trying again. Do you have students work alone on drawings or work collaboratively on one document from multiple computers? I think that would be fun to try with my fifth graders!


I like creating forms for my kids to fill out. We work as a group to create the questions for the form and then we all fill them out. It is fun for them to see the results, especially in graph form. We do surveys of what we like, favorite books, music, etc. They love it! From our group form it is an easy step for them to start creating them on their own.



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