When should 'new technology' be brought into the classroom?

In a recent discussion for one of my classes, my instructor proposed the question of when new technology should be brought into the classroom.  For example, should iPads be used in the classroom?  And, if so, when?  

Personally, I think that while Ipads have educational purposes it needs to be assessed what purpose they will be serving in the classroom and if a current technology device could achieve the same goal. Since they are a new fad, the cost may be greater for Ipads which may be an unnecessary increase in technology expenses. I feel that it is necessary to bring in 'new technology' when it is not brought in because it is a new fad but when it is required and its services are necessary in order for a student to achieve his or her highest potential.

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Not only is there a cost issue that must be addressed, the responsibility level of the student must also be looked at when it comes to an iPad being issued in schools. And no matter what age the students are, you must introduce new technology gradually. Not all students will be on the same level with different technologies and may need a little more time than others. If too much is presented to students too quickly, there will be those who may not be able to keep up.
My opinion is that when new technology comes out, I always try to think 'Is this something that helps me teach or helps students learn in a new way?' For example, a Mimio is cool, it is neat but does it really enhance student learning? Do we feel pressured as teachers to use these technological tools in the class because it is there or because we find true educational value in using them? Do schools and adminstrators feel pressured to use the latest gizmos as marketing tools in order to be seen as cutting edge?

I agree.  I feel that there needs to be an educational purpose that is more dominant than the fact that it is new or cool.

Exactly! Learning first, tool second.

I think Jason has a good point. There must be some kind of advantage to using a technology to aid both teachers and students. We should not use a technology just for the sake of using one.

Ive been using this 'one stop shop' site for educational tools called Cool Tools for Schools. http://cooltoolsforschools.wikispaces.com/ Alot of resources. Neat in that students can use whatever tool that they think helps them learn effectively or get them to their goal. The kids actually showed me how to use many of them by using them, and different ways that can be used.



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