I received an email today from a colleague who reads my blog and pointed out that I used "to" instead of "too" in the title of my post. Thankful for the catch, I fixed the typo, but this got me thinking. I know I am a very poor self-editor. My mind seems to fix errors and I just don't seem them. But even though some bloggers say having typos isn't that important, I really, really, wish I had an editor, however, since I'm neither rich nor famous that is not a possibility.

Then I recalled a post on the blog of a a close friend/colleague who is an amazingly successful writer/blogger where she reached out to her readers for an unpaid intern. While my blog is nowhere near as popular as hers, it got me wondering about doing the same. It would be great to kind of mentor a student who could serve as an intern on my blog devoting perhaps an hour or two a week. I'm sure we'd both learn a lot from each other and the experience. I would get the perspective from a student and probably learn about all kinds of useful gadgets and widgets s/he could publish some guest posts, learn more about publishing, authority, marketing etc.

So...what do others think? Where would be a good place to find an intern editor? What ideas or suggestions do you have?

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Its definitely a doable idea. Determine in advance what all you have to offer an intern in terms of learning experience and what work the intern would do. Sometimes having an intern ends up being a lot of work because you are constantly looking for tasks for the intern and reviewing their work. If you define in advance what his/her responsibilities would be and what additional value you can provide for s/he, all will go much smoother.

Best way to find an intern is to use your network. Post the intern job description with the responsibilities clearly laid out and then ask everyone you know to ask their network if they know of anyone who would be interested. If any of those happen to be a professor, all the better.



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