What are some effective ways incorporate Google Apps into the Middle School Math Classroom?


I am a 7th grade Math/Special Education teacher at Georgetown Middle School, in Georgetown, Delaware. In recent years our school has had a strong focus on incorporating technology into the classroom. Our school has 3 iPad carts and 3 laptop carts, both of which are connected to the school's network. Many teachers would like to use the technology that is available to them in the classroom, however connectivity issues, and file sharing capabilities are a deterrent. Our school is in a unique situation, in which there are three schools within a school, a Kindergarten Center, an Elementary School, and Middle School. The dedicated server must meet the demands of all three schools, which is a challenging endeavor, especially during testing season. Teachers and students have the ability to save and share files on the server, however its current structure does not have the necessary bandwidth to accommodate the demands of our current population. Presently, the server virtually at maximum capacity, and files are deleted on a regular basis when the server is overloaded. Additionally, several teachers have to share classrooms, and are unable to access documents and files when they are not near their personal computers. This current system is outdated and ineffective. Presently, our district does not have access to Google Drive, however within the near future our school district is rumored to transition to Google Drive district-wide. Having access to Google Drive will be a wonderful asset to our school community.  The collaborative structure of Google Drive will help facilitate more productive file sharing and storage. Additionally, both teachers and students will have access to documents, both at home and at school. Presently, thanks to my master's program, I have experience with the productivity applications offered by Google Drive, however I am curious to learn about how I can effectively incorporate the Google Applications within my Math classroom. I am interested in learning about specific applications that would help support the math curriculum, while also being simple to use for my students. I am excited to hear about any suggestions or personal experiences that you may have for using Google Drive in the middle school Math classroom. I look forward to receiving and suggestions or feedback you may have using Google Drive in your classroom. Thanks!

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