Does anyone know of a site that is unconditionally free that one can create web flashcards, or other games to post on your own web page? I'm just a beginner, so bare with me if there is no such thing. A few of the teachers at our school use Quia, but I understand that they do have a yearly membership due of around $40, which isn't much, but it's out of pocket. They really like Quia and it does give discounts the more teachers from your district that use it, however, we're a very small district and not really sure how much that discount actually would end up being.

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Try It is completely free. To create cards, you will need to create a free account. But students don't need to create accounts to use the cards you create. In addition to displaying your flashcards, the site will take the data from your cards and create matching, hangman, word search, crossword, and word scramble activities. Students can also put their flashcards on their cell phone or iPods.
Quizlet is free. You can have students create their own sets or collaborate. It comes with a couple of games. You can share sets on Myspace and Facebook
Funnily enough I came across this yesterday:

10 places to make and find flashcards..
Hi Marcy -

These are interactive flashcards... you can't make your own, but they have great content in three languages...



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