Our English department has one on one labs running Linux. They would like to have their students do visual book reports but they don't know what software options are available. What do you recommend? One caveat, some of our teachers are just entering the technology realm. A simple program is a necessity.

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Can you be more specific to what you mean by Video software and visual book reports? If you mean video editing software, probably the best one that I'm aware of is Cinelerra. If you mean something else, please let us know.
Sorry that I wasn't very specific. When we had access to Windows, one of the classes used Windows Movie Maker to create a video. We don't have the option to use that software on these Linux machines.

I honestly don't know what "visual book report" means. I asked that same question when I heard that our English department wanted to have their students do a video for their visual book reports. I have the feeling that at least one of the teachers is so new to technology in the classroom that she wants to see what a finished project would look like before she assigns it to her class. That sounds like a Catch-22 situation.
Hi Julie...I took a stab at responding to your question here:

Hoping it's helpful,
Miguel Guhlin
Around the Corner-MGuhlin.org
Thanks, Miguel. You have lots of valuable info there. I passed it on to the person who is in charge of training for the one to one labs.

By the way, I like your blog. I like the style. Thanks for the help.



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